Today is the day!! (pics to follow!)

  1. Okay...I could not post on Gucci OR Fendi and start 2 new threads as they are both coming today!!! My first Fendi Spy (silver and gold) AND my Gucci, white and gold...I am waiting for to follow!! SO EXCITED!
  2. Oh my god !! The silver/gold Fendi spy is to die for, you lucky girl ! I can't wait to see pics. ;)
  3. Sunshine...TRY NOT to trample the UPS man.....they have my face on a poster .....LOL!!!!!
  4. giggle, jill, you are funny!!

    CONGRATS Sunshine. A bag for each arm. I like that! :smile:
  5. Congrat's .. you must be sitting on pins right now.
  6. OH! What a tease, I cant wait to see pictures!
  7. HOw exciting! Can't wait to see pics, they are going to be fabulous!
  8. How exciting!! I can't wait for the pics! Congrats!
  9. I JUST opened the Fendi spy...I could cry..this damn bag is BEAUTIFUL. LV what??? Gucci..what? I can not beleive it took this forum to make me "step outside" the box. It is gorgeous. My heart is pounding, Im so in a moment.
  10. OMG! You lucky girl, that spy is fabulous! Can't wait to see pics!
  11. It smells like a new car...It is so pretty....

    Oh no pics did not back in a sec
  12. cliff hanger....!!!!!!
  13. I CANT GET THE PICS TO UPLOAD!!! Yes Im yelling...(hence the caps...) its just not worth it if I can't share with my girls here! Dh is on his way to help...
  14. what do you think?
  15. inside