Today is the" Birkin" worth the wait and money??

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  1. I read another thread and thought of starting this:

    I like to know after all the shoddy workmanship and the problems that we keep seeing with the birkins ,is it "worth the wait and money "now??
    Do you think that these birkins will last the test of time compared to the vintage kelly.Just a thought:shrugs:
  2. ^^ Funny you mention this, umamanikam. I was just thinking about this.

    Personally I would rather buy a cheaper, "used"/vintage birkin/kelly that has stood the test of time, and that I can see will also last me for a long time, than buy one more expensively from the store. I don't know what's going on - some people say issues like the buckle separating are not truly defects, but they're just not things I would expect to happen when I pay that much money.
  3. I have a bag with leather straps separating from the metal plates. I personally believe it's related to my climate and use.

    Even if it's not, it doesn't bother me. I have old birkins and new ones, and I'm personally not going to get wound up about variance.

    So for me, yes. The bag is still worth the money and wait. I can tell from reading various threads that there's a solid and vocal contingent out there that disagrees, but that's what makes horse races, no?
  4. I think the birkin is still worth the wait and the money (just). I do have to say that the older birkins are looking pretty good even after 10 plus years. I think because of the brand any problems with the newer birkins will be sorted by H in years to come (I hope I dont have to eat my words, 10 years from

  5. Sadly, I have to admit I do not agree with you. Hermes is not going to raise quality. It's the contrary that is happening.

    Besides Hermes is comming out on the market now with Lindy, VictoriaII, Goodnews, etc ....all those mainly machine-swan bags that require minimal hand made final intervention...
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    ^^Oh dear. My next birkin may very well be my last. I am loving Roger Dubuis watches, which may become my next hobby...
  7. As you know you and I had a similar conversation a little while ago and I'm thinking of switching onto something else if only for a while once my SO is in
  8. I have to say I'm mad at Hermes right now. The story about the SA not recognizing Maddox's white Birkin as a real bag and the quality issues bother me. Hermes is coming across as arrogant. I don't know what they call them in French, but the English word that comes to mind starts with an A and ends with an E and has SS in the middle!
  9. This was my thought at the recent price increase
  10. You mean me or Uma, Mooks?

    Uma, there was an ebay listing of a HAC which was from the 1950's it looked like it had been run over by a truck, but it was still usable.
  11. True Grace, I must say, I was dismayed to see what happened with ranag and rouge's items - not only the items, but the general lack of correct aftercare and customer service. Not good at all.
  12. You hun :smile:
  13. Oh my the Lindy machine-made?:sad:
  14. My DH says they are totally stupid if they raise prices in today's economy.

    I don't like what I'm hearing about the "new birkins" and I hope I won't have any problems with any bags I have.

    I'm probably going to take a break, I still love their scarves and shawls. But bags, I'm good for now. If they ever come up with what I consider the perfect messenger I might buy, but for now I'm really content with what I have.

    I would love a 35cm black ostrich but since they aren't making those and if they keep raising prices, to be honest, I don't think I want to spend $30,000 on a bag and that's what it might cost me to own one. In fact I doubt very much I want to spend that much on a bag. I'd rather have a piece of jewelry.

    With that said, if it's a first birkin then I think it's worth getting one if you truely love the bag, the look of the bag.

    Bottom line for me is not just the workmanship, it's the fact that it's not trendy it's always fashionable and no one is ever going to say "it's so last season" like the Prada salesman said to me once. And "are we doing vintage?". I love the Birkin, the way it looks, that bag really does it for me, but I can't say I will keep buying as I'm not a collector. If something happened to one of them, I would replace probably but not rushing to buy another one either. Not in today's economy anyway.
  15. Only Birkin hac and kelly is hand sewn in general.