Today is my lucky day!!

  1. Not only did my Trasporto Cucciolo ship but I just put in a call to SH to order a Pirata Corriere and I got the LAST ONE!! I can't remember who I was speaking to but I asked how many they had in stock b/c I was going to ask her about print placement. The SA said just as she grabbed it off the shelf Lindsey came looking for a Pirata Corriere as well!

    This week has been so horrible (pregnancy complications that have resulted in me having a 3.5 hour blood test today, being hooked up to a 24hr heart monitor, having to have a thyroid test and an echocardiogram) that I can't believe I got so lucky! :happydance:

    I'm so sorry if Lindsey was looking to grab it for someone on this forum!!
  2. haha... congrats on the corriere... Lindsey sounded like she was walking quickly when she helped me with my paradiso bocce... she sounded kind of tired :sweatdrop: maybe it's because of those situations hehe

    hope everything is fine w/ the pregnancy tho! and congrats again you deserve your lucky day!!
  3. Thanks for the congrats! As far as my pregnancy goes, the baby is doing well but I'm doing not so well. I think it's b/c of this heat down here but I guess all these doctors would rather be safe than sorry.

    It sounded like a total madhouse when I called. I think I spoke with Joyce and she sounded out of breath and I heard her yell to someone "it was the last one!" but I had no idea she was talking about my corriere until I asked her about print placement.

    Now I've got to fight back the urge to order something else!! :sweatdrop:
  4. That's good to hear... the weather has been horrible lately!

    and it's too bad I live in Cali I would want to go to an outlet myself if I could :hrmm: but yeas we must fight the urge to buy more stuff! I'm going broke and in debt :shocked: