Today is my last day to return it, Should I keep it?

  1. I was thinking in returning it. Please help!!! What do you girls think? I need to know before 5:00 pm today. :s
    prada1.JPG prada3.JPG prada2.JPG prada5.JPG prada6.JPG
  2. OMG! this is the bag ive been dying to get but its been sold out everywhere! ive been hunting high and low! where did u order it from? haha.i say keep it, its GORGEOUS!!:drool: :love:
  3. OMG! I always wanted that BAG!!!!!!!!!!!
    KEEP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Well if you aren't completely in love with it you should return it. Or sell it since it's obviously highly sought after!
  5. i'm not really into this bag :P
  6. I love it - but what really matters is what you think - go with your gut!!:yes:
  7. Keep it!!! My best friend has it and I drool everytime I see it! :love:
  8. I love it -- did you end up keeping it?
  9. Wow've been on a roll with gorgeous bags!!!!!! What did you end up doing with this one? I love the shape!
  10. i would keep it, it's very cute!