Today is My Last Day On tPF!

  1. Ladies, Im heading off to Japan tomorrow morning so today is my last day on tPF for 2-3 weeks. Im going to try and login as much as possible. Im gonna miss you all! Promise you will all take care and make some fabulous purchases so I can check them out when I get back.:flowers::heart:
  2. We'll miss you!! have fun!
  3. have a safe and wonderful trip....
  4. Aaww, no more survey for the day for awhile then :crybaby:??

    Have a safe trip Cindylicious!!
  5. Best of Luck!!
  6. Have fun & be Safe! Don't forget to purchase some goodies for all of us to see.
  7. Have a safe and wonderful trip! We'll miss you!
  8. Have a wonderful trip.
  9. Have a safe trip :yes:
  10. have an amazing, safe trip!
  11. Have fun!! :nuts: I'm going there next month!
  12. Have a wonderful and safe trip:flowers:
  13. Be careful and have fun .........
  14. Have a safe and adventurous trip!
  15. Have a safe trip!! Try to log on when you are able to.