Today is my birthday...this is what hubby got me.

  1. Hi everyone! This is the first time I ever post a picture of me and one of my LV's. Sorry I am not looking my best but I was so excited when I got my gift that I didn't care what I looked like. I just wanted to share my happiness with you all. Here is my Denim XL in black! I love it!!! :yahoo:

  2. Happy birthday and CONGRATS!!! SHE LOOKS AMAZING!
  3. Oh, it is beautiful! Congratulations!
  4. Great b'day gift! Stunning! Happy Birthday!!:yahoo:
  5. Congrats!
  6. OMG!!!!! You got it! I hate you. (Just kidding.....Maritza1973 is my sister.)
    You are so lucky. I wish I could have been there to celebrate your birthday. Congrats and I'll call you in a couple of hours.
  7. I wish you could have been here too. Can't wait for you to come to PR so we can go shopping for more LV together. :graucho:
  8. Happy Birthday, your husband is a swettie.
  9. Happy Birthday! Congrats on your gorgeous bag!
    You guys are sisters? That's neat, I wish my sister would go LV shopping with me.
  10. Thanks! He is a sweetie. I hope he stays that
  11. Happy birthday:yahoo:
    enjoy and CONGRATS!
  12. Yes, we are both LV addicts. We already have our LV shopping trip all planned out since she is coming to visit me next year. Look forward to that.
  13. happy birthday and congrats! i love this bag and i'll be getting one for Christmas :heart:
  14. Thanks! You will be getting an awesome Christmas gift.
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It's a beauty!:tup: