today is my birthday and...

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  1. i just turned 50! my best friend called and she's taking me to new york city for a weekend! she got tickets to see "the color purple" and "the great american spelling bee"...WOW!!! dh is taking the day off of work to do "something" fun!!! wow...
    so, in new york i just decided i'm going to bring out my brand new black kooba cassandra and will be using it cross body while i'm's got so many compartments and is very lightweight and the leather is tdf...
    when in new york city i'm going to have to take my bday money with me and find a new bag...what do you ladies think of that?!?!
    : )
  2. Happy Birthday!
  3. Happy B-Day to you!! Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time in the City...enjoy!
  4. Sounds like an awesome birthday :tup:
  5. Happy birthday, what a fun way to celebrate! Knock yourself out and let us know what you treat yourself to!!
  6. Happy Birthday and have fun in NY!
  7. Happy Birthday!!! Wow you have a full day ahead of you. Have fun!
  8. Happy birthday!
  9. Happy birthday:drinkup::party:...Enjoy!!!
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Have a blast in NYC!!! Today is my son's bday too!!!!
  11. Oh Happy Birthday!
    Have such a great time in NYC. Sounds like you have some great shows lined up, and the weather should be perfect!!!
  12. thank you all! i'm having an awesome day! friends sent flowers, got some "bling", going to watch DS play soccer for high school...doesn't get better than this...!!!!!
  13. Happy birthday! It sounds like you will have a lot of fun!
  14. Happy belated Birthday! Hope you had a great time! What bag did you get?:biggrin:
  15. awesome last time i was in nyc i saw 3 broadway shows in one week! hahaha. happy bdayyy