Today is my Birthday and...

  1. I bought the Gigi in Clay!!:yahoo:

    Please tell me that you like this color. I have a Mandy in Whiskey and a Mandy in Black. The color has been described to me as the same shades as if you were looking at an elephant's leg. My SA overnighted the bag to me so I should have it Friday morning. I'll post pics when it comes.

  2. Happy birthday and congrats on the new bag!! I haven't seen it IRL but the clay looks like a really pretty color!!
  3. I just saw the GiGi in clay yesterday for the first time. Its BEAUTIFUL!!! I was commenting to the SA how much better the color looks IRL compared to the website. She agreed. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! Enjoy your new bag. Its a beauty!:choochoo:
  4. Wow! I can't wait to see pic's. Congrats!
  5. Happy Birthday!!! :balloon::balloon:

    And congratulations on your new Gigi!! I'm so jealous!!! This is one of the bags that I am lusting over!!! Please post pics when it arrives!!!
  6. Happy Birthday!!! Awesome!! Gigi is so...vavavavoooom. Congrats!
  7. Happy Birthday! :balloon: I really like the Gigi in clay, it is a beautiful bag. Enjoy!
  8. Happy Birthday!! :smile:

    I own the Gigi in Clay and I LOVE IT!!!!! It's just such an awesome, chic color combo with the grey and the brass hardware. I can't say enough good things about this bag.

    Mine is all scratched up because I keep getting it with my nails, but I don't care. *L* I still love it.
  9. congrats. pix when you can please.
  10. I love the clay!! Congrats and happy birthday!!
  11. Happy Birthday and congrats!
  12. :roflmfao:
    Happy birthday:balloon:! Clay is a pretty color, the only things I've seen in it were unevenly died. Hope it isn't on your bag!
  13. I saw the Clay Gigi at Macy's, it's SUCH a lovely color! GRATS AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  14. I need to take lessons from you, Liz. I always get freaked out when I scratch my bags and I really need to quit it.

    Happy birthday, kcrs95!! You got a great gift - enjoy it!
  15. Happy Birthday!!!!!