Today is my Bday and I don't have time to treat myself :(


FitMama Runs (and Shops!)
Aug 7, 2007
Today I turn 31!! :P

I was thinking of treating myself to something small (in LV of course!!), but unfortunately, I don't have time today. My BF and I are hosting a get-together tonight with a bunch of friends, so the daytime will be spent, shopping for food, cooking and cleaning. I don't mind doing all of this...BUT...that leaves no shopping time! Perhaps tomorrow I can swing down by LV and pick up something fun to tote around on NYE? Any suggestions? :confused1:


I left my heart in Sicily.
Dec 20, 2006
Happy Birthday to you! There is a bunch you could opt for. How about a Neverful PM or Speedy 25 or a Papillon 19 is cute? The Diana pumps in black are gorgeous. A wallet like the Zippy or Koala? If the weather is sunny howabouts my favorite sunnies the Soupon GMs?


Sep 19, 2006
I was eyeing the pochette in either damier color...seems nice from pics. Can u carry it by itself instead of hooking it into another bag?

You can, I only use my Mono Pochette Accessoires by itself. It's the perfect small bag for parties, you can fit a cles/small wallet, compact, phone and keys in it. You will love it. If you can't decide between the two colors, get both LOL