Today is my Bday and I don't have time to treat myself :(

  1. Today I turn 31!! :p

    I was thinking of treating myself to something small (in LV of course!!), but unfortunately, I don't have time today. My BF and I are hosting a get-together tonight with a bunch of friends, so the daytime will be spent, shopping for food, cooking and cleaning. I don't mind doing all of this...BUT...that leaves no shopping time! Perhaps tomorrow I can swing down by LV and pick up something fun to tote around on NYE? Any suggestions? :confused1:
  2. What price range is considered something "Small"???

    happy Birthday!

  3. Hmm...under $600?
  4. Happy Birthday.
    You should get a nice Agenda.
  5. Happy Birthday to you! There is a bunch you could opt for. How about a Neverful PM or Speedy 25 or a Papillon 19 is cute? The Diana pumps in black are gorgeous. A wallet like the Zippy or Koala? If the weather is sunny howabouts my favorite sunnies the Soupon GMs?
  6. Is there anything fun that I could use to attend a NYE party? (dressy)
  7. How about a Pochette Accessoires in Azur? If you can add $20, how about one in MC? Happy birthday!
  8. Happy Birthday!!!! Maybe your BF will suprise you with same LV today..

  9. hehe....well, he said he spent more on my bday gift than he had potentially somethng LV, but more likely its something for my kitchen. lol
  10. Happy Birthdayy!!!!!!!

    How about a nice wallet! Those are lovely! ^^;
  11. I was eyeing the pochette in either damier color...seems nice from pics. Can u carry it by itself instead of hooking it into another bag?
  12. You can, I only use my Mono Pochette Accessoires by itself. It's the perfect small bag for parties, you can fit a cles/small wallet, compact, phone and keys in it. You will love it. If you can't decide between the two colors, get both LOL
  13. happy birthday.... how about the pochette marelle??
  14. happy birfday!

    *hope u get some LV!!!* lol
  15. I am thinking a damier pochette is in my sights to pick up tomorrow..hehe