Today is going to be an H day...

  1. Since 4 weeks, it's really crazy at work:push: :
    - one of my assistant always find "good" reasons" to stay at home:cursing:
    - the other one :heart:has just having a very cute baby :love:

    So I have to do all the work with my third assistant...and of course we are exhausted and worse, I can't find some time to come here everyday:sad:!!!

    I've asked a bonus to reward her : it was accepted:yahoo:...

    And for me... I think I need to go to H today :angel:...
  2. I'd love to go there with you. Good luck and come back soon!
  3. Looking for anything in particular...?:smile:
  4. After all this stress, I need to see "la vie en rose"...
  5. YOu lucky thing, I am of to watch Ireland play Scotland in rugby....Come on Ireland....But would rather be in Hermes!!!
  6. Fingers crossed for Ireland...
    And for France this evening :yes: !!!!!!
  7. Another rugby fan!! :yahoo:
  8. Oooh there's nothing better to cheer you up than a little something from H :yes:
    Please post pics for us to drool :flowers:
  9. I think your assistant will be so glad to see her hard work rewarded...
    post pictures of your shopping spree!
  10. Fabulous! What fun too!
  11. I'm leaving home go to FSH :yahoo: !!!
    I'll post pics when I'm back :graucho: ....
  12. good luck! I'm soooo envying you!
  13. Me too, and sorry to hijack your thread.(wallabies!!!) You have been working so hard, I hope you get something fabulous..
  14. I can't wait to see your reveal! :yahoo:
  15. can't wait to see your new goodies....;)