Today is Feburary 1st $$$$$$$

  1. Hi ladies.. anyone has been to the store yet? Do you have an idea if the price hike nightmare has come true? If you girls have the latest price.. I'm getting ready to go to the Palo Alto NM this afternoon =)
  2. LOL Yes, it's Doom Day! I'm so glad I got my GST and E/W before the price increase. No regrets here!
  3. i heard that the prices were already in the system last night!
  4. Prices are increasing from Neiman Marcus this Sunday.
  5. Maybe you should call before heading there b/c I called yesterday about a jumbo classic flap and the SA told me (rudely might I add) that "THEY HAVE NOTHING LEFT!!"
  6. I went to the NM in Beverly Hills yesterday and there was nothing except a medium black caviar flap w/silver hardware and beige classic. The SA said they would be getting a shipment soon with all the new prices. I settled for the medium caviar even if I'm not thrilled with silver .... On a positive note, will be getting a NM gift card for opening up a NM charge.
  7. Not Feb1? Are you sure?:wtf:
  8. The SA I spoke to at Saks this morning said the price increase is effective today.

  9. Please let me know if the prices have increased at Palo Alto NM, I am going to SF Neimans on Saturday, I hope they will delay until Sunday. I am also going to Chanel boutique SF on Sat but I'm sure they have already done their increases. :crybaby: :crybaby: Thanks so much
  10. I went to the Chanel boutique yesterday to pick up a Jumbo Caviar flap for my friend, and the SA confirmed the price increase for today.
  11. you can ring up NM and ask them if the price has gone up already? I know for sure Saks and Chanel boutiques has gone up today, but it could be a different story in NM? I bite the bullet and get 3 babies this month before the price increase, no regrets b/c if i don't do it now, i'd probably will never beable to afford them w/this crazy price hike rate!

    But some gals in LV mentioned the prices of LV actually dropped in European country due to Euro, is it true in Chanel?
  12. Is the price increase are to be attend worldwide or in the US only?
  13. Latest quote from NM in Palo Alto

    Medium black/navy classic patent in gold hw - $2195
    White jumbo classic (not sure the leather) in silver hw - $1695

    Not too bad huh?
  14. 1695 is the regular caviar jumbo price..
    so does it mean there's no price increase on jumbo?
  15. I've heard that some NM will increase the prices on Monday next week. Weird...