Today is a very sad day.

  1. I just got word that my best freinds husband Hal lost his fight last night to lung cancer. He was only 34 yrs old. An electrician by trade Hal never smoked a cigarrette in his life nor pot not even picked up a drink ever!

    We got word of his illness 9 months ago when Hal was having trouble breathing and walking up the stairs. When he spoke to his doctor the cancer was already eating through his bone marrow. He was already at stage 4 and it was to late for any doctor to help. Hal an electrician was always working in demoed buildings and asbestos most of the times was very present. But this is not what WE think was the actual problem. When 911 accured hal spent 6 months working near ground zero, we think that this was his killer. All the debris and dust and flesh in the air got into his lungs. Although no official has yet to admit that 911 made alot of men and woman sick there are many cases like Hals. And we urge everyone who spent even 1 day at the site to be screened.

    Hal is survived by his wife Helen and their 2 children.

    Hal the oldest of 2 brothers lost his mother to breast cancer when he was 9 and lost his father to a heart attac when he was 13 and his step-mother when he was 17. This is a family that has been through so much.

    I ask everyone to say a prayer for Hal and Helen and his only living sibling Allen. May he finally rest in peace.
  2. I am so very sorry for your loss...I will certainly say a prayer for Hal and his condolences to you.
  3. :crybaby:
  4. Oh I'm terribly sorry to hear that girl :sad: , may he rest in peace.

    Cancer's a horrible horrible presence in all of our lives. I hope one day we can find a way to beat this horrible evil.

  5. Sending my condolences and prayers...
  6. So sorry to hear that. I'm sure that we'll all be praying for you and his family - I feel terrible for his wife and children. Cancer terrifies me, good advice for those around groud zero to get screened.

  7. Baggaholic, I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

    RIP Hal.
  8. Yes, so many people are starting to get sick from being there. I've heard many stories from my neighbor up the street (she lost her son at WT1 and is one of the head protesters for the momorial building) and I don't know if any of my good freinds here on the TFP remember me telling you that one of my other close freinds which died on 911 (she found out she was pregnant that morning) her husband was also diagnosed but thank god he's still here fighting and doing much better.

    There were also alot of firefighters that have been diagnosed with similar cases. So yes everyone should get screened.
  9. Very sorry to hear of your loss:sad: Baggaholic, Helen and family you are in my thoughts and prayers:heart:
  10. OMG! That is just so sad! Baggaholic, you and your friends are in my thoughts and prayers! We are all here for you!
  11. :o( I'm so sorry to hear.

    Asbestos is a terrible thing and could have played some factor in this situation, but like others have said, very good advice with the screening after being around Ground Zero.

  12. So sorry to hear that:crybaby:
  13. I'm so sorry to hear this. So young...and with a family. I'll keep his family in my thoughts and prayers.
  14. Yes very young! I believe Hal became an electrician when he was still in high school, with 2 deceased parents at a younge age he had to start very early to have money in his pocket.
    He had so many plans. He was the first guy I knew to buy a 800 thousand dollar house at 23!!!!! I looked upto him so much!

    I'm waiting for Helen step-father to pick me up, he's on his way from the hospital I can't sit still anymore!! All I got are you girls right now!
  15. I'm very sorry for your loss. It is a true tragedy that 9/11 is still claiming victims today. Those :censor:!