Today is a Picotin Day for me too!

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  1. Today I've got my darling Picotin MM in Ebene Clemence as my post-B-Day present:P.
    I am so happy with it! I knew I would love it. Although as many of you may know my first choice would have been the barenia leather but it just didn't happen so far and at this point I'm in love with mine in clemence:love:. I just like the way fresh clemence always smells:rolleyes: and MM size is just IT:tup:. I'll get my barenia eventually and will smell it too :upsidedown:
    This sparkling new baby was shipped to me from the US by the best seller I've met on eBay so far, dear fancydiamond:flowers:.
    Imagine ladies, my DH has fallen in love with this Picotin too! He's sitting here saying he likes it even more then my Birkins, can you believe this? Men:shrugs::lol:
    Will add an "action shot" in a moment...
    20080330(002).jpg 20080330(005).jpg 20080330(007).jpg 20080330(009).jpg 20080330(006).jpg
  2. That is VERYYY NICE! Looking forward to your action shot.
  3. :woohoo: :woohoo: It's raining Picotins!!!

    Congrats on the gorgeous colour!! I love Ebene - it's one my of favourite shades of H brown (Etoupe not counting). I spy a twilly too?

  4. Absolutely beautiful!! Enjoy your great new bag!
  5. Yay, congrats!
  6. great choice! can't wait to see the action pics!
  7. I love Picotins and there will be room in your life for an MM Barenia Picotin too when the opportunity arises. I love the way my clemence Picotin squooshes down on my lap like a puppy, in Barenia it will be different - sturdy like a small leather bucket. You can never have too many Picotins, lol.
  8. Congrats! I think I want the exactly same bag. Could you pls pls model it?
  9. Beautiful!!!

    Looking forward to those action shots...
  10. Pretty!! ... congrats :love:
  11. Aminamina!

    Wonderful choice...Mrs. P and I are loving this one! We toyed with the idea of a Picotin as well after seeing Mai Tai' you! Hmmm...perhaps Mrs. P is ready for one!


    So versatile and I can see you already with it! Wear in good health sweetie! HUGS!! Mr. and Mrs. PP
  12. It's so pretty!
    Congrats on a great purchase!
    Happy Birthday!
  13. Action shots please Aminamina!!! We want some action here!!!! PP
  14. Here is some semi-action :shame:shots with a couple of my new Chanel sunnies (one is beige/black, another - orange/dark gray). Not your real action shots mind you but I promise:yes: I will do better ones along with my long-overdue for the previous acquisition Black/Orange Box Birkin.
    Sorry if I look too wasted in my lounge wear but it's after the B-Day look KWIM? :wacko::beach:
    20080330(016).jpg 20080330(015).jpg 20080330(014).jpg
  15. What a great bag -- it looks fantastic on you! Happy belated b'day!