today is a new start!

  1. oh man. weighed in today for national body challenge. i'm a little discouraged- don't know how my weight got up so high...but i'm looking forward to getting it off and feeling good about myself again! so, by the time this eight weeks is up, i should be down about 16 pounds (which would be fantastic). then only 50 pounds after that!

    *crosses fingers*

    here's to hard work and losing weight! i need all the support i can get though!
  2. You'll do great Kallison.....stay positive though, ok.
    Good luck to you !
  3. i'm trying to stay positive this time! i really am!
  4. You've taken the first step! Slow and steady wins the race--best of luck to you, Kallison!:flowers:
  5. First step is the hardest... I am starting my new lifestyle tomorrow, so I will post along with you!! :yes:
  6. good luck to you megs!

    i'm only a day into this and i'm struggling. oh dear lord, what have i gotten myself into?
  7. I'm starting as well! Good luck to you both! Kal, for every 10 pounds, what about a nice i love me present?
  8. aarti, you're gonna have to keep me sane, girl! and, yes, every 10 pounds gets a pick-me-up "i love me" gift! talk about motivation!
  9. a healthy new body! in a few months anyway.

    i lost 50ish lbs a few years ago for my wedding. i went from from about 215 to 160. i gained a bit, then earlier this year i went from 175ish to 145 for another wedding. it was the first time in my life i'd actually felt thin and healthy. it was WONDERFUL. it's hard work, but SO satisfying. people always say that. and i always thought they were exaggerating (i'd never been healthy or thin before)....but i truely felt like a new person. i'm a 15 lbs up from that right now, but that's where i want to get back to.

    (btw: the first two weeks are the hardest imo. then you start seeing results and it gets easier. right now i'm three days in...and it suuuuuucks. i want my jeans to fit now damnit. :supacool: but it took months to put on...i can't expect it to come off overnight.)

    is there a way you can plan a cruise or something as your end of the line "reward?" i found it easier to stick with a program when i'm working towards a deadline where i'll have lots of pictures taken of me in semi revealing things that will stick around forever. :smile: i also buy a few new clothes every 10 lbs (that's a dress size for me) and throw some of the old ones away. that way it's harder to slip back into the bigger stuff later and think everything's ok.

    ok. i kind of highjacked. sorry. but good luck! you can do it and you'll love yourself for it later!
  10. i'm about 217.5 my highest, i was 260 (i know...). so, luckily, i've kept off a LOT of weight. last year, i was down to 180 and felt SO great about myself. so, ideally, i want that feeling back- and hopefully, i'll be motivated to lose a few more after that (goal of 150).

    what's killing me is what always does...i'm one of those "I WANT IT NOW" kind of people- and it sucks when that can't happen. and, logically, i know it takes time. but i get frustrated SO quickly and i'm ready to give up at the drop of a hat.


    eta: i'm trying to find something as a realistic, maybe? hehe.
  11. i just reread and realize this statement was misleading. :smile: i never weighed myself at my heaviest. this is a guesstiment. my heaviest recorded weight is 189 and i'd already lost close to 2 pants sizes.

    chanel sounds good to me! :smile:
  12. Kallison, Aatri, and Megs....good luck on the start. Keep up with it. I am no longer allowed to weigh myself so basically I have to go on how my clothes feel. I love to work out and try new things. I like to keep a strict diet and love to cook quick and healthy meals. My struggle with weight has been since high school but got serious about loosing weight and getting healthy about two and a half years ago. I went from a size 14ish to a 2/4. During the first year was the year I lost most of the weight and now I have to work hard on a few things: keeping it off, toning up, and just let time take care of some excess skin (I didn't have enough to warrant plastic surgery).

    If any of you need help, advice, or any tips just ask.
  13. Oh man, I am soo starting back to a healthier me. I exercise and eat right during the week but when my dh is home on the w/e's we binge. I have definitely put on weight over the holidays and being 41 I have noticed it takes a lot more work to take it off. I think your attitude is great Kallison!
  14. i know it's stupid and trivial to say...but i finally lost a pound (and that's with jeans and shoes on, too!)

    woo hoo! i SWEAR this weight is gonna come off for good this time!
  15. A pound can be hard to take off! And that is a step in the right direction! You should feel very proud of yourself. Keep it up and you'll be at your goal in no time, Kallison! Good luck and keep us posted. :smile: