Today is a jypsiere kind of sky finally!

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  1. Today is a jypsiere kind of day! Blue sky finally!!!

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  2. Gorgeous!
  3. Love it!
  4. Beautiful!
  5. Nice!
    Love the color of your bag and the twilly :biggrin:
  6. She is so lovely! What color is she?

    Like you, I am so glad the sun has also arrived where I live so that I can carry my colorful H bags. Enjoy your blue skies and your beautiful Jypsiere!
  7. Thank you!! My jypsiere is bleu actually the color of storm clouds rather than a clear blue sky...but i needed to be hands free today and was in the mood for H blue!! I do need to add a happy blue to my collection!!
  8. Thank you!!!!
  9. the twilly really make the ensemble POP
  10. Very pretty. What size is it? J has a professional look yet it's hand free. I usually use mine for a business trip to the field.
  11. Beautiful blue! Congrats and happy Sunday!
  12. Thank you!! It is the 31 size...which for my height and dimensions seemed to work the best (I am 5'6' and about 110 pounds). Love the Jypsiere! I do agree that it looks very professional and at the same time (at least for the very pop colored ones) can be such a fun bag!!
  13. Thank you!! Happy sunday to you too!!
  14. Gorgeous blue! The twilly adds a lovely touch as well! :loveeyes:
  15. mod pics please? is she 28 or 34?
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