Today is a GOOD Bbag day!!!

  1. I just received the first of two bags I was expecting today. How I love this color IRL. So much more than in the pics I'd seen. Thanks to baiyishang for putting her lovely bag up for auction, and Zacorey for inspiring me with pics of her lovely lilac Work to break my purse ban and get one of these beauties.

    06 lilac Work:love: (without flash)

    (with flash)
  2. Definitely loving the lilac! Congrats ... your Bbag family is growing so fast, can't wait to see the family pics:smile:
  3. :yahoo: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! I'm am on cloud 9 for you!!!!!!! You know I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: I'm soooo happy for you!!! You know how I feel about this color!!!!:love: The leather looks amazing and the color is just lovely!!!!:heart:

    I was just actually thinking about you and wondering when you were going to post your beautiful family in the other thread!!!! I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!! What's coming next???
  4. Congrats! Your bag is lovely. The color is amazing. I can't wait to see the other one you're still waiting for :smile:
  5. fendihunter, you are slowly (or quickly) expanding a really beautiful Balenciaga collection! Thank you for always sharing it with us. Congrats of your lastest beauty!!!
  6. fendihunter, congrats!!! lilac is a pretty colour :yahoo:

    please post pic wearing it :p
  7. That's beautiful!
  8. Gorgeous! I love that color!:nuts:
  9. Fendi~ is this your first Work?
  10. Major Yumms!:drool:

    What are you up to now, BBag count! Fess up! I don't think my laptop screen is big enough to contain your entire Bbag family showcase pic:graucho: .
  11. Thank you ladies. I love sharing my bags with all of you.:tender:

    Zac, I knew you'd love her. The bag is simply TDF. She will be receiving a bordeaux City as a companion sometime today!!!!:whistle:
  12. I love it ! All of you lilac owners are inspiring me!

    If you don't mind, where did you get her?
  13. OMG :nuts: What a beauty :drool: :drool: :drool: I want one :yes:

    I love the Work. Just received one in truffle yesterday, I'll post a pic in a bit.
  14. Eleven:rolleyes:
  15. GORGEOUS!! Lilac is TDF, CONGRATS!