today is a bbag day for me

  1. Bbag day?

    yes,i guess so :yes:

    coz i have got 3 more bbag :yahoo:


    yes, do you want to meet them?;)
  2. :huh:oh pictures pleasssee :smile:
  3. Yes we want to see!! Post the pictures!:popcorn:
  4. Please I want to see them
    By the way congrats you are so lucky
  5. :whistle::whistle::whistle::whistle::whistle::whistle:

  6. Pics, pics, pics!!!
  7. of course we want to see them!!!:hysteric::hysteric::hysteric: NOW!
  8. Truly wicked people have to confess quickly and show their sins!
  9. OK Ladies
    here they are...


    i'm sorry that pictures looks dark :sweatdrop:
  10. congrats! they are just lovely!
    i'm waiting for my FedEx guy to show up with Jaune Twiggy today...
    I wish he's here already....
  11. I love your new goodies ... especially the juane twiggy! HOT!
  12. Threeeeee?
    EDIT: Wowza!! Can you tell us which colors the dark ones are? Congrats!!!
  13. Jaune Twiggy is beautiful i'm sure you will love it for me i spent half and hour chosing my Jaune Twiggy coz almost every bag have small black pin point here and there i don't know what is it :weird:
  14. All incredibly elegant. I wish I had that Twiggy.
  15. Lucky!
    Very nice!!