Nov 14, 2006
okay, so- is anyone looking for an older bag???? there are a ton in the LA BAL store:

mogano day - sooooo totally gorgeous amazing leather
vert gazon city - they are calling it "grass"
grenat city
origan city

i'm sure there were a ton more, they have a lot of bags in the back and they are more then happy to schlep them out. there's a super cute SA named jupiter (seriously) that is very nice if not very knowledgeable. in fact, most of the SA's don't even know the names of the colors!!!!

in newer bags, they have everything you could think of AND more!!

floral bag (the one with the yellow leather and multi-colored flowers) in almost every style
bouton d'or in every style, with regular and Giant hardware
black PT and works with both styles of hardware
a really gorgeous coral city with the smoothest leather
Day styles in every color
grey leather with white suede bags in a city and a work and a WE
EB in every style with every hardware
sage green - vert foret in the city style and i think i might have seen a work too, not sure
every accessory known to man EXCEPT i didn't see a single MU??? weird.

they are fully stocked with pretty much everything. all the black bags i saw had the crappiest leather - very washed out and veiny. but the EB's looked great. the biggest change i can see in this new leather (agneau) is that it is super smooth. still thick but really matte.

if you go there, make sure you bring your bag OUTSIDE (yes, they will let you do that) because the lighting is crazy in there. it made the coral, which looks like a poppy red IMO, look like the color of an orange safety vest in the store. too bad it wasn't, that would have been awesome.

as for clothes, they are hanging all over the place and at first, i couldn't tell the men's stuff from the womens. BUT they had the coolest dress in the same mutted floral shade that the barney's special edition bag is in. i have no idea how much, the only price tags i saw were on the shoes!

and i didn't buy a thing! oddly enough, i wasn't in the mood :shrugs:


Nov 14, 2006
Did they have EB in an RH Work or any OVAL clutches by anyyyy chance?!?!
i remember seeing a ton of EB cities, but no works BUT they probably have them in the back. it's my understanding that they have every style in every color from the new season... however, i would GO TO THE STORE because as i said, some of the SA's are pretty clueless about colors there.

is the oval clutch new??? they don't have any older styles that i saw, just older colors. i think Barneys actually might have an oval left, but not the one in BH. call around but i think i remember reading recently there were still clutches to be found - even in Paris Bal store!! good luck :flowers:
Jan 27, 2008
The 206!
thanks for the info nicole, unfortunately I can't go in person, I'm in Seattle! But maybe I'll give them a call about my work. As for the oval, I didnt think they'd have it, but you were naming off some older colors so I thought they might have some older styles as well!


Nov 14, 2006
wow, that sounds like fun going..
i wish i could ( far away..)
did they by any chance have a bouton d'or courier with rh?!
they might have! like i said, they were pulling out a ton of bags for another customer in there. wouldn't hurt to give them a call. i must say that every bouton d'or bag i saw in there had paper thin leather and looked very cracked and dry :sad: but maybe that could be fixed with some moisturizer??


Sep 18, 2006
San Francisco
Thanks for the update!! Jupiter also helped me the other day with a phone order, he's sooo nice. His name seems to be popping up here quite a bit now. I think I'll call him back and ask about their coin purse stock since you said they're stocked up on accesories. wooooo!


Bag Lady
Jul 15, 2007
Thanks so much, Nicole!
Awwwwwwwww.... VG city... :nuts: too bad I'm sofa king :banned: