Today i went to HOF and came back with.....

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  1. Well no real surprises here...........
    here she is and i love, love ,love it............
    i only managed to take one picture before my camera crashed, i have taken a pic of the messenger with a knotted strap, over the shoulder, but didn't manage to take one messenger style, sorry!

    didn't manage to style myself before this pic, and look horrid, so unfortunately not very glamorous, but you get the idea!

    Anyway she she is mitzy messenger in oak

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  2. She is gorgeous and really suits you. what a fabulous sized mulberry! congrats.
  3. I SOOOO love that bag!!!!! It looks fabulous on you, glammed up or not!

    This is not good - I really want one now!!!
  4. Well not that i'm enabling or anything but it really is an amazing bag, never before have i so loved a bag on the spot :graucho: I would say, BUY, BUY, BUY,
    The hobo was stunning to, so that's one for the wishlist!
  5. Great colour, it suits you really well. I like the knotted strap option, it looks like a nice and versatile bag.

    These pictures are not helping me staying on the sofa :smile:. Congrats! That bag is simply gorgeous and it looks lovely on you.

    How long is the strap in the picture? Do you have a knot on the strap?

  7. You look gorgeous! Really suits you, I love your hair and jeans! :woohoo: Congrats she sill be a lovely addition for Spring/Summer!
  8. Sorry, you mentioned it was knotted :smile:.
  9. That really suits you looks great

    I am thnking about the hobo is it really big irl
  10. Looks lovely- love oak!!!! How easy was it to knot the strap and is it comfy to wear like that???
  11. Looks great - how did you do the knotting?
  12. Okay how do you knot it?
    Maybe I am just being thick, but I can't see what you mean.
    Please PM me and teach me how!!!!
  13. #13 Jan 22, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2009
    Loving mitzy !!!

    Did you see the tote in HOF ?
  14. It's really easy, the strap is quite soft so it's easy to knot it, and comfortable to wear like this to, although i'd have to fill and take it out for a while first to know for sure.
    The strap is a great length for me, messenger style, i'm 5"6 and will wear the strap on nearly the last hole.

  15. I tried this on today, and was really tempted, it is a really, really nice looking bag, but it is quite big. I think if it was the same size bag as the Mitzy messenger it would be perfect!

    I was really, really, tempted though!