Today I went to coach....

  1. and ordered the new perfume print sandals and the new multi colored signature and legacy scarf!!! it came to 87.00!!! with Feb PCE :yahoo:woohoo! no tax on those items in PA plus free shipping!! But anyways the girls said they have the scarf and its in the back but they can't show me because it doesn't come out till March 1. :tdown: and they also only had the perfume print wedges and the sneakers out.
    I was also gonna get the lip gloss but I was like ehhh I heard it's not like the typical lip gloss it's with a brush and not a sponge and it's not really sparkly... so I passed on it
    can't wait till I get my items!!!!:tup::heart::yes:
  2. What a great deal! I also want that scarf!
  3. Wow that is awesome! Congrats!
  4. I went to my Coach store today too and the SA whispered that there was some new stuff in the back that they weren't allowed to bring onto the floor. I was going to buy a ponytail scarf and described what I wanted, but she told me to wait until March 1 because there was some really cute scarves in the back also. She described one that sounds like what you are getting with legacy on one side. I can't find a pic anywhere. Do you have a link to a pic?

    What else is in the SECRET STASH in the back, and what is the big deal about showing it before March 1?
  5. They have some of the new bags in the back - the Francine, the denim with the tooled leather and the vachetta leather PW duffle, not sure what else...
  6. Is this the scarf you are referring to? I received mine last week - its gorgeous!
    choc carly sig scarf 001.jpg
  7. I love that scarf. I have bought so many scarves, charms and keyfobs lately, I'm waiting for pce in March for this one.
  8. Yes this is the scarf I purchased!!! super cute!! can't wait to get it, it will match a lot of stuff!
  9. Congrats on ordering all of your new goodies!
  10. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics.
  11. Good for you! PCE's are the best. That stinks that the SA wouldn't show you the scarf!!
  12. Cute Sandals, Enjoy your purchases!
  13. Congrats, can't wait for pics!!
  14. Very cute sandals!
  15. Awesome choices! I am considering ordering that scarf for the March PCE (if I get one) but I will have to see-don't know if I can hold out.