Today I went shopping at LV...

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  1. ... planning to buy an epi speedy. SA was trying to sell me the last one, the display item (can they sell displays?). This display has scuff marks on the bottom, like a few one-inch marks across/against the epi grating. I asked the SA about it, and he acknowledged it and then said in a very matter-of-fact way that "things are imperfect, it is just a way of life". I was like, :confused1: ? So I said: "I am sorry, I can't take it," and left. I can't believe this guy who is supposed to stand behind LV's quality was trying to sell me an obviously flawed bag. It was a demeaning experience.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Good that you didn't buy it! I mean, when buying a bag you want a perfect one, not the ones that have flaws!
  3. How obnoxious of him! You responded appropriately.
  4. i think he was being ridiculous and just trying to make a sale. why not say: let me call another store and see if they can send one here for you? sheesh
  5. I'm sorry to hear that:sad: Yep, just pick it up another time, with another S.A., because you deserve the perfect one :yes:
  6. Thanks guys! For awhile, I was thinking if I was too picky, but then my common sense kicked in and reminded me that the bag is $900! No way I am going to spend $900 on a bag that is so obviously flawed!
  7. some display product last last item in store isnt supposed to sell, some ... esp. during event, unless store manager said ok

    but most last item is sold anyway
  8. He should not have tried to sell you a purse with flaws and then said "things are imperfect...that's a way of life" Jeez. You should have told him "Jobs are impermanent, that's a way of life too"
  9. i can't believe that he would try to sell it to you. you should have said, if i take it, will you give me a 50% discount? hahaha! if you are gonna pay full retail price, it better be a perfect bag.
  10. I remember when I got my Cabas Mezzo the SA got one from a drawer in the store for me to check out and try on. I noticed that it had scuffs and some stains on the vanchetta bottom. I requested a bag without the flaws and luckily they had another one in stock so the SA got a perfect bag for me!:smile: If they had only had the "display" item I would never have gotten it, knowing that LV would never give a discount. I would never pay full price for a bag (or any other product for that matter) if it was less than perfect.
  11. This is a case where I think it might serve LV to offer a discount. Truth is, you could take a perfect speedy home, and two days later get those same scratches on it... but if you're expected to buy it that way, they could offer a little off the top. Juuust my opinion. But SO glad you didn't buy it.

    BTW, what an A$$.
  12. I agree, to spend all that money to have an imperfect bag! I couldn't do that. But then again, I am so paranoid that others will notice an imperfection..esp. the water stains on my new bag :sad:
  13. good for yuo
  14. I agree!
  15. good that you haven't buy it, for the $$$$$$$ you spend, you deserve a perfect one