Today I Welcomed a Azur to My Collection!!!!

  1. I wasn't even a fan of the Azur when I first saw it but now that Springs here I've grown to like it! I've been wanting a Mini Pochette and was going back and fourth between a mono or a Damier... THEN I saw some picture's of some TPF'ers Azur Mini Pochette and I really liked it. I went to the boutique to check it out and I almost got it there but I decided to wait and get it on elux so I could save money by not paying tax or shipping.

    I kept checking Elux for it and I finally saw one the other morning and ordered it. I got it today right before I left the house so I quickly opened it and re-organized my bag so I could use it today.

    Here's pictures....



    Here's what's inside my Azur....
    My Digital Camera and my Hello Kitty MP3 / MP4 player

    Here's my entire LV collection with my new Azur!!
    Azur2.jpg Azur.jpg LV Group.jpg IMG_2440.jpg
  2. Very pretty :yes:
  3. Cute family!!! :biggrin:
  4. congrats, very cute :flowers:
  5. congrats....your collection is growing! :yes:
  6. wow- what a beautiful addition to an already exquisite set!!!
  7. What a gorgeous collection!
  8. YEAH CONGRATS! I love the Azur pieces!
  9. Very pretty addition! Congrats! I love all your pieces.
  10. Love your LV Family. Your Azur fits right in.
  11. congrats and enjoy! you've got a lovely bunch :love:
  12. Congrats! I love the mini pochette!
  13. very pretty! congrats!
  14. Wow, 3 TPFers got Azur mini pochettes in the last 2 days! Congrats!
  15. Thanks everyone. I really love my new Mini Pochette!! It's perfect for my camera and MP3 player.