Today I sinned!

  1. Forgotten my decision problems about the cles (as for now). I bought the wallet I had been eyeing for quite some time now :heart: :nuts:

    edit: forgive the ****ty pic :/
    LV Portemonnaie Plat.jpg
  2. Congrats. It's nice.
  3. congrats, it such a lovely piece :heart:
  4. Lovely! Gongrats!
  5. Lovely sin, congrats, it's very cute!
  6. oh and I also had a look at the Trousse Makeup, it really seems quite roomy and might be my next purchase...
  7. I'm a little anxious about the MC peeling......!
  8. Enjoy your beautiful piece! its gorgeous.
  9. and if its a sin... its a beautiful sin.
  10. I feel like sinning myself:nuts:
  11. Congrats, white MC is gorgeous!
  12. beaut!
  13. Congrats.
  14. Congrats, it's adorable!
  15. congratulations! glad that you got this instead of the cles. :yes:
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