Today I saw...

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  1. while I was working (retail)...the most beautiful SO (I'm assuming.) Damier Ellipse PM. I was in lust. :love:

    I had to call my Mom right away!
  2. ohoh....quick quick!
  3. An Ellipse in Damier? Wish I could have seen that.
  4. ooh..would that be a SO?! I think that would be hot!!
  5. wow, special order! lol interestingly I went to LV today, then as I passed by HR I saw this woman with a mono stephen coming out!!! that bag's SOOO hot, considering that I almost never see LVs where I live! lol
  6. That sounds so pretty!
  7. lol.

    I would have loved to see that!
  8. I wanted to follow her around the entire time she was shopping. LOL.
  9. I see a few around my area and it is soooo nice in the Damie pattern....
  10. Damier is beautiful!
  11. Preeeety. I remeber when Ellipse was all the rage b/c madonna had one and everyone wanted one.