Today I saw the ugliest Bbag ever

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  1. Today an online buddy sent a white city for me to look over and possibly buy. I have never owned a city so you would know my excitement....and she was selling at such a great price too.

    So the bag arrives and like a kid on christmas morning i excitedly open the sleeper. and lo and behold....the fugliest balenciaga i have seen in my life. omg cristobal will turn over in his grave ten times over when he sees the sacrilege.

    color: instead of white, bag was more like a gris fonce (probably a little lighter).
    leather: instead of the smooshy, oh-so-supple leather bbags are known for, the leather on the bag was dry, flaky, peeling in some paint was applied and over time has cracked and peeled.
    interior: 2 ugly patches at the bottom to cover 2 ugly holes
    hardware: white at the tips (they looked like little eyes)

    i have just recently been addicted to balenciaga and after seeing this bag, im scared for my babies. is this supposed to happen to a 1 year old bag or was the bag just abused?
  2. Its probably just one single situation.
    My older bags are still in great condition...
    Glad you didn't buy it first then realize this is happening..
  3. :wtf::wtf::crybaby::crybaby:I'm thinking she didn't take very good care of it???? No offence to your buddy...... Glad you had a chance to look it over first.
  4. If it was a great buy, I'd try to give it some tlc and see if you can breathe some new life into it. Some gals here have done some amazing things... Do you think it's worth the effort?
  5. ive seen the bags of the ladies in tpf...4-5 year old bags in awesome condition! could it be the weather also? we live in the tropics where the heat and humidity could get really bad.

    actually she was nice enough to let me look the bag over first before i paid for it. and she was happy that i did not buy a bag i would not be happy with.
  6. hmmmmmm....maybe not? the idea actually crossed my mind. but the color i can do nothing about. seller has already sent the bag to a shop that restores vintage bags to have it professionally cleaned and it still looked gray. i even thought of bringing it to a leather specialty store to have it dyed a darker color but that would just be like vandalizing the work of artists, wouldnt it?
  7. THere are some who do send it to bal to dye it, but I personally don't think I'd do that...I hear it changes the texture of the leather.

    Just to play devil's you think the color is greyish due to misuse...or is it a grey/white bag? I ask because I feel like some of bal whites are a greyish tone. In fact, imo, I think it's kind of tricky to find a stark white bal...although there are some out there.

    but, yes, I agree, if no amount of cleaning will make the color desireable to you, it's not worth any bargain as you won't enjoy carrying her.
  8. i actually like gray more than i like white. but since i know i am buying a white bag, i was expecting a "white" bag. but you're probably expectations on the color might've been too much.:wlae:

    i wish i would've taken pictures. it was a sad bag :crybaby:
  9. I think she didn´t take good care of it and she possibly redyed it too? All of my old bags are in great condition, so this is an exeption IMO!

  10. Are you also 100% certain it was authentic? could she have had a bummer bag?
  11. I agree with Kat. If BBag has that issue after one year of usage, the brand will not last till now. I wouldn't re-dye the bag since that totally ruins the texture of the leather. I love grey color, but I wouldn't take a "white turned to be grey" bag, no matter what bargain it is. Don't loose your hope on BBags. You will find one you really love and adore soon.
  12. I had purchased a gorgeous "white" bag off fleabay and it turned out to be gray-ish/brown-ish/mustard instead. But I have also seen some girls with their gorgeous and perfectly kept whites. I think it was probably just used a lot, hence the good price on it. And it may have been an off white colour to start off with. Sorry about the disappointment, but at least you didn't end up buying it!
  13. are you sure it was authentic? Even if the leather was VERY used and VERY distressed, that should not happen! :confused1:
  14. no ma'am :nogood:

    i live on an extremely humid island & go to school in a humid/HOT are and my bbags are fine :jammin:

    i was also going to ask if you were sure it was authentic :confused1:i guess it is possible that she was just really abusive with it - esp. a white bbag.. it'd be more apparent.
  15. she got it off a reputable seller of designer bags in the philippines (and a tpfer too). im no expert but thanks to the ladies at the authenticate this thread, i have learned a thing or two about discerning fakes from the real thing. im pretty sure that white balenciaga is authentic.
    the leather was pretty distressed and bag was used everyday for a year. but you're probably right kat....she must've dyed it. at the edges of the rivets where they attach to the leather, there is plenty of white stuff that looked like paint. when i ran my hands over that bag, the leather felt rough and uneven....much like when you touch a piece of old furniture with peeling paint.