Today I saw black MC

  1. Today I saw black MC at the mall the real is sooo stunning...I was is so fresh and unique. All my stuff is mono canvas and I thought wow my mono canvas is nice but, so reserved in comparison..I think the MC white and black are my favorite line right now.:drool: :drool: MC canvas is on my wish list for sure now!!
  2. I just got my MC black Speedy and I am totally in love with it. I wore it for the first time today and this is the first time I can actually say people were gawking at me. It really is stunning and has such a presence.
  3. MC line is so "loud" in good's sure head turning anytime I carry it..
  4. OMG you have the speedy in black MC that is a total drool bag!!!!! I was so suprised to see black MC because I have never seen it in real like. It looked rich and the colours were like jewels not fluorescent or tacky like I read on some threads...maybe the fakes are weird. Black MC is sooo the white for spring/summer. Congrats on your gorgeous bag!!!!
  5. I bet they is such a fun line. It makes my mono canvas look so conservative...maybe I like bold better.
  6. Thank You!!! I agree with you about the colors. Against the black they look so vibrant. I wore it today with black slacks and a deep pink/rose blouse (the color of the pink in the pattern). I picked up the blouse after I got my MC Speedy and together? Simply stunning (If I can say so myself:lol: ).
  7. WOW Your lucky becous I never have seen one on street...
    only some :throwup: fakes
  8. I love black mc. When things settle down here at home, I need to order something in black mc.
  9. dh got me the aureilla mm for to try it and now it is going to be wrapped for under the tree...I want more black mc...the bag at the mall was the noe....drool...never thought I would like that is wowwy gorgeous in black MC...who the speedy in black bag...have not seen one IRL but, can tell it is a wow bag...
  10. I love the black MC, I only have one piece though which is the trouville. For some reason I seem to go for the white. ( not that I have much as the MC is soooo expensive.)
    I can't remember seeing a black MC piece on someone in the street.:shrugs:
  11. got to try it and it is going under the tree for black MC want more for x-mas....
    2006_1027_170539AA.JPG 2006_1027_171018AA.JPG
  12. I know I totally feel the same about mono, I'm also feeling the black mc right now. Hopefully get my trouville soon!!
  13. ^ looks great on the way when did you get it?? where did you get it ? Congrats..
  14. LVpug..aren't you going to start a new thread to show off your new joy??:P :graucho:
  15. That is one awesome looking bag! Congratulations! Is it going to be wrapped in clear cellophane? I wouldn't be able to stand it if I can't at least see her through the paper LOL!