Today, I saw a Goach bag...

  1. Yes... Goach. I was in the mall and suddenly... my eyes was stoped looking that bag with several "G" everywhere... After that I was looking the lady and she don't look so bad... I don't understand.
    I think that maybe she don't know about Coach?
    One thing is a fake Coach bag and another is a Goach bag. :confused1:
  2. I see them all the time at the mall too. They are everywhere.
  3. i see them all the time i almost told some girl she had a nice purse until i realized omg its fake....
  4. hah it's so funny I always hate on fake coaches and one of my friends I went out with Friday night had one! I was like OO that's cute and she was like OMG it's fake I was like EEEK.
  5. They are EVERYWHERE!!!
  6. Everyday, Everywhere I see the G bags!
  7. Same here... especially in Las Vegas :tdown:
  8. don't forgot about the Philippines, i barf whenever i see one, especially in very high-end malls. ugh.
  9. Oh i see them all the time.