today I saw a brand new b bag in secreat sample sall at £399

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  1. should I get it, I am worring if they are reall, there are a few of them , small version(dont know the name).
    they also have squareish one , city. hobo. ect.

    the one I want is in Black. they all have authencity card , it has leather plate with Balenciaga Paris at the front, serial number and Made in Italy at the £399 I think it's a steal. the box one in red is £350.

    the owner said the get their last season stock in Italy boutiques. most of them from last year, is this Possible.

    In this sample sales ( in Brick lane London) they also have small indepantent labels. bags label includes Chloe, Prada ect. look pretty really to me.
  2. Its not the fact that they have a plate and cards etc... these can be faked and it depends what it says on the metal tag and the fonts etc. There are several ways to find a fake and there are a few links on here for what to look for!
  3. Im not sure....let's see what others say.....
  4. they also have a outlet in Handover square near Vogue House.
    I suppose it is hard to get away with selling fakes if you are at the heart of London. Again, they can always mix fakes with real deals.
    my friend said the paddy is defo real in there.

    they also said they dont do refund if the authencity verification came negative, they can exchange. not in exact words.

  5. please ask all authenticity questions in the Auth This thread :yes:

    if you could post pics that wilh help :flowers:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.