Today: I ruined My SK8 Sneakers

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  1. I'm so stupid! Today, I went out and wore my LV SK8'S


    and the bottoms got a littl bit dirty (just a little).... Anywho, I decided to put them IN THE WASHER (don't ask why... I'm stupid)

    Well, here's how that went:


    WHAT SHOULD I DO??!??!?!?!

    I'm thinking I should just send them to shoe repair and see whatever they can do to make them look half decent (once they dry)

    Perhaps I can wear them when I take out the garbage :crybaby:

    I'm thinking I should get the Men's Show SS07 Kamaa Sneaker:


    What do you think? It's definately WAY more unique and I have 3 pairs of the LV SK8's, so I'm not too sad


    I just ordered these bad boys today and I can't wait for them to come (Wednesday)!!!
  2. oh geez, sorry about what happened to your sneakers!
  3. woah! that sucks! maybe you could try the shoe repair thing... i don't know, though...
  4. oh ugh sorry i cant help!!! oh and congrats on the new peice!
  5. What do you guys think about the new show shoe? Should I get it?
  6. i think they look cool. are there any other colors than white? that way you wouldn't have to worry about them getting too dirty. :smile:
  7. No just white.... But I need white sneakers... I guess I just need to be more careful when walking in the parking lot! Haha.

    I'm surprised I'm not all too down about losing the SK8's, when they first came out I was so obsessed and bought 3 pairs in different colors, but then again, I was like 18-19 and that shoe is such a teenagers shoe... I need to graduate to a grown up white sneaker (does that even exist?:sweatdrop: )

    The closest I can think of are the Kamaa's

    What do you all think about these shoes for A/H07?

    Kinda funky.. I love the whole look actually... Hmm Don't know...
  8. Sorry about what happened to your sneakers--maybe once they're dried, they'll be better?
    Personally, I think shoes (especially sneakers) are meant to be worn until they are worn if the shoe repair place can't fix it, then just wear them like you would wear regular Adidas/Nike sneakers!
  9. I don't really like the colour combo...
  10. Sorry about your sneakers. Hope they dry out alright.
    I just gave up keeping mine clean and just enjoyed them.
  11. Yeah... Maybe you're right... They're just shoes.

    I LOVE that Multicle Damier t-shirt...So funky and fun (like the sneakers)
  12. Sorry about the shoes... :sad:
  13. I am a freak about cleaning my shoes. There are TONS of products you can get to clean your sneaks and keep them white. The soles are the easiest to clean with any liquid soap & a tooth/nail brush. Try any drug store or target for the leather sneaker cleaning products. You can't put leather in the washer! Just do a lot of maintenance on them and keep them looking new. I'm not sure how well you can fix those. Just wear them with pants not shorts to hide the damage.
  14. omg, thats nuts!
  15. im sorry!
    but shoes are meant to be worn, too!
    so try to get them fixed and get your use out of them!