Today I received my first Balenciaga

Line C

Apr 9, 2009
And I was terribly dissapointed :sad: I knew the very moment I saw it that it was not for me.. I got a Pine Green City, and it is smaller then I imagined.. I might just put some blame on all you slim petite girls and your modelling pics *LOL*

I felt terrible having to email RDC and ask to return the bag, it is not like it is theire fault that I'm a cluless shopper, so I feel so bad for making a hassle and extra work for them.. Then I got this incredible nice reply, I still feel bad, but WOOOW what great customer service :smile: It was such a relief..

I am thinking that a Work might be the size for me? I looked at Part Time, but it is not much bigger then the City is it?
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a SGH Raisin Work might pop up on the RDC website, then I'll be all over it in a heartbeat!!!


Sep 20, 2008
Sorry the city wasn't the right size for you. For some reason the RH city looks smaller than the GH city although when I compare them they're about the same dimensions. Personally, I love the GH part time style, as many others on this forum. I would recommend giving it a try. It looks substantially bigger than the city. At 5' 9", it works well with my frame.

Line C

Apr 9, 2009
I forgot to mention I have 2 kids under the age of 2 years, so I need space for diapers and all the other stuff I drag around these days :P

I will probably love the City when I'm the only one filling it with stuff.. I bet it is super cute and fun with bright colours..

I also was amased about the leather, now I understand a little bit more about all the leather talks here.. I cannot believe how soft it was! It looks stiff in so many pictures..
May 7, 2008
^^I agree with Muggles, the day would be the perfect "mommy" bag! It's hands free and carries so easily and comfortably on the shoulder. Another great choice would be the courier, even larger of course! The work is a good size, but I think you might find it cumbersome on the shoulder with two little ones. I have a 4 & 2 y/o so I speak from experience... Best of luck in whatever you choose!

Ellie Mae

Peace B with U
May 24, 2008
IMO, the DAY carries no more than the City does.

The Courier however is HUGE.... as is the Work. The benefit of the Courier vs the Work for a mom might be that the Courier has a long shoulder strap.

SO... OP.. check the dimensions of bbags here and find a size that's comparable to a big bag you already have that you know is big enough to handle the task at hand.

Nancy in VA

Bal & Legacy Lover
Aug 21, 2006
I also have found out the city is too small for me - but the part time is perfect and I like the fact that I can get the handles over my shoulders and can also go cross body when I have to- very convenient.


In Strassland...
Aug 14, 2007
The work is a good size. This is now my favorite size. I don't think the PT is any bigger than the city, it is wider on the sides but an inch shorter in height. You should give the work a try. Is there a store where you can try them on? The city I like how it has straps and the size is perfect for weekends


Jan 10, 2009
I had the same experience when I bought a mandarin first - now that is a small bag!! Would have been super cute as a date bag but I kept looking at it thinking that little bag cost THAT much.

I don't have a work but I am pretty sure it does not have a shoulder strap. And the PT is only 1" longer then the city.

As another mommy I'd encourage you to try a day bag.


just one more...
Feb 17, 2009
I think in your situation with kids, you would really miss a shoulder strap if you got the work.

If the city was WAY too small, a part time probably won't be much better. But, if the city was just a little small for you, pt may be perfect.


bags,books & Kitties
Jan 2, 2008
I just got a PT and I'm amazed at how much more it holds than the city. I had my netbook, a hardcover book, wallet, large sunnies, makeup bag and assorted other stuff. I've got a day and I have a city and the PT by far is the better size for me. I got rid of the work, the handles don't really fit over your shoulders unless you get a GH. I hated not having a shoulder strap. The day is the most comfortable but sometimes it's just a bit hard to find stuff in, still love it though. the pt is just a bit more versatile imo. good luck deciding!