Today I *promise* to...

  1. Not eat one sweet ALL sugar, no candy, no soda, no ice cream, cake, cookies...etc.:sweatdrop:

    I thought I should post this because I HATE to break promises and thought maybe if I made one promise a day to you guys I would keep it! Hopefully this will give me a small push to make small changes towards a healthier lifestyle. My promises will get bigger everday I do this. Might even swear off the sweets for a week next time! :wtf:

    So....what do you promise to do?
  2. Oh wow, I don't think I can promise something that relates to food, LOL... I am so bad in this department, right now I'm munching some coffee flavored cat's tongue cookies, so yummy..

    But I can promise that I will stick going to the gym regularly like I've been doing for the last 4 months. I've notice some good results with regular exercise (I've had a few friends saying my body looks good and toned (upper body especially), not lying here, LOL!).. maintaining weight is easy coz of this, and losing a kilo or two is not that hard and I can still eat as I wish as long as I don't eat any rice for dinner.
  3. Stay away from the coffee maker.
  4. I promise not to eat sugar, extra fatty food like burgers and fried stuff, no high fructose syrup, no trans fats, no white bread or processed carbs.

    I also promise to work out first thing in the morning. :sweatdrop:
  5. I promise to stop eating oil foods! Had a big fatty lasagne today! :yucky:
  6. Blasphemy!

    Today I promise to drink quite a bit of wine with dinner :shame: But eat right all day, and cook a healthy dinner of baked chicken and steamed veggies :nuts:
  7. today i promise not to eat fast food anything.