Today I leave for Florida!

  1. :yahoo: YES! Today is the day I leave for BEAUTIFUL Florida! :yahoo:

    I will be gone just short of a week. So the only downside is that I will be going through mad tPF withdrawls. :upsidedown: I will miss you all - but I still get to spend the whole day on here today. :wlae: I will also being leaving my LV Moka Onatah at home. :crybaby: I just dont want to ruin her with the rain and humidity. Someone talk me into bringing her. I will miss her horribly! :sad:

    My goal will be to relax and not think about work or any harbor any form of stress :jammin: - we'll see how that goes! Wish me luck with that one!

    Any suggestions for the Orlando area? TIA! :flowers:
  2. Orlando is fab, I hope you have a great time! I recommend the Mall at Millenia for some amazing shopping, they have pratically every store you could wish for there. I also loved Discovery Cove, it's a little pricey but sooooo worth it when you get to swim with dolphins and snorkel with the fishes and stingrays. They have a limit on the amount of guests per day too so it doesn't feel crowded like the theme parks, it's just a really relaxing place.
  3. Thanks Joey!
    I already brought up the Mall of Milenia to Hubby! :graucho: Even if he doesnt let me shop I expect the people watching will be just as fun!

    I looked into Discovery Cove...It seemed awesome. But you and 6 other people share one dolphin for 30 minutes. Do you think that is worth it? They have an all day program. But I have a mild fear of water. I dont want to spend all that money and then realize I am too much of a wuss to even make it in the water. :sad: Hmmm. I think it is definitely something I am on the fence about.
  4. Have fun!!!
  5. Thanks Kathyrose!
  6. Enjoy your trip!!
  7. Thanks Danica!
  8. Have fun! :graucho:

    I went to Discovery Cove about a year ago ... my BF's mom gave us tickets for Christmas. I don't know exactly how much it is, but I had tons of fun! It was totally worth it. :smile: