Today..I got such a beautiful H...

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  1. I went to Hermes today. I got such a beautiful lace shawl:heart: ! I LOVE lacy clothings, chiffons, mink...etc.

    I felt in LOVE with the shawl right away! It goes well with my other Hermes lacy RTW clothings I already have with same/similar patterns on them (with the shawl I bought today). Here it is...:love:
    DSC04141.JPG dsc04143.jpg DSC04147.JPG DSC04145.JPG DSC04148.JPG
  2. oooo, so fragile. you're brave to wear it.
    thank you so much for posting those pictures and sharing this with us!
  3. I'm in love. I'm totally, head over heels, in love with that shawl.
  4. Oh, Aspen! Your new shawl is gorgeous! Your collection of lace RTW is TDF! Congrats on your new addition!
  5. Someone call 911 - I need REVIVED! I'm on the ground gasping for air! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That shawl is unspeakably GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And paired with all your stunning H RTW - it's beyond words!!!

    Congratulations! What a sublime find!!!
  6. What beautiful, romantic - looking outfits you have there, aspen. Would love you to post pics in the action thread! I especially love that taupey coloured skirt. GORGEOUS!!
  7. Oh my...
    I am not a lace person, but that is the most stunning thing...
    Congratulations and thanks for showing it to us!
  8. That is GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  9. Stunning! Love to see you model it in he action thread! Congrats!!!
  10. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww *drooools* *wipes drool*
    how come it looks so sexy?
  11. Congratulations AspenM, the lace RTW pieces are so extremely beautiful and such fun to wear. Your new shawl is simply gorgeous and will undoubtly compliment all of your wonderful pieces perfectly.
  12. Beautiful! It also comes in a beautiful shade of orange.
  13. Very very nice! So elegant and sexy!
  14. very pretty!!!!ACTION PLS:drool: :drool: :love: :love:
  15. That shawl is absolutely gorgeous! I love the outfits you put together. Stunning! Thanks for posting!