Today I fell in love with another man...

  1. named Jimmy Choo.
    The great part is that hubby said they are the sexiest shoes he's seen. So the 3 of us should become more and more acquainted as time goes by...:love:!!!!
  2. hahaha I thought something scandalous was going on when I read the title :lol:

    But congrats on the shoes! Which ones are they?
  3. That's cute
  4. too!!i thought something scandalous...=p
    which shoes did you get?
    pictures pleaseeeee
  5. yayyy! Congrats, I'm in love with Choo as well ;)
  6. We need to see the shoes!!
    And if I'm not mistaken,the owner and designer of Jimmy Choo is now a lady called Tamara Mellon,so you're all right:lol: .
  7. Hahaha, you're so cute happypug! Hope you 3 have lots of fun ;]
  8. Oh I love him! But lately I've been cheating on Mr. Choo with Mr. Louboutin...:shame:
  9. YES! Me too! Mr Loboutin,and..sometimes Mr Gucci!! HEE!HEE! we are sooo bad! LOL!
  10. LOL...I'm having an affair with Jimmy today too ;) .
  11. You bad girl :biggrin:
  12. I can see Mr Choo will be with you for a long time to come
  13. I have not gotten them yet they are coming as a "surprise"...hahaha
    I picked them out and the SA put the name on his card and DH will have sent over...muahaha!!!

    They are the green ones with no strap just a slide...they are soooooooo comfortable. Quite surprising...
  14. Please take pics...:weird:
  15. I was i was having a day with Jimmy Choo - im stuck behind my desk! hehehe!