Today I Feel Like A (fill in the blank) Bag!


True Gemini
Feb 29, 2008
I am a stay at home mom. I often feel worn out, tossed around, abused, neglected, smelling of poopy diapers...

I often feel like a DIAPER bag.

Sometimes I feel like a slouchy hobo - usually when the weekend hits and hubby takes over. I love having slouchy hobo afternoons. Slouchy hobo mode involves waking up late, reading a good book in bed, watching 2 or 3 movies in a row on Lifetime.

Some days - some moments rather - I feel like an evening clutch. Glamorous, elegant, dressed to the nines... I feel like an evening clutch hmmm once a year...

Some days - vintage bag. Oldie but goodie.

Mostly a diaper bag - that's me. What about you?? Feeling sporty? Trendy? Exotic? Classic?


Can I bathe in them?
Mar 31, 2007
I feel underpaid and overworked, and I miss the days when I stayed home with my kids, because my $18,000 a year salary does not compensate for missing 70 hours a week of my children's lives (plus always being in a rush to throw dinner on the table, tell them I don't have time for them because I have to finish work and catch up on everything else, and put them in bed). So treasure your treasures, because it will be over in a flash! And the time with them is worth more than any job can pay! On that note, I feel like carrying a Chloe, because it is soft like my children and luxurious and would make me forget about losing all my money in the stock market.


Aug 30, 2008
Well, yesterday I was feeling kinda yucky. So I would have to say I was a that horrid Coach bag that has the patchwork of every design they've ever had all over it in a messy conglomeration of yuck. I forget what it's called.

Today, however, I've felt LOADS better. So today I was more of a Fendi Spy.

No Cute

cupcake butt
Aug 17, 2008
I feel like the beater bag we take in the rain and let the kids drag across the sidewalk today. Yup, very tired and beat

Great thread idea. (And I have many diaper bag days myself...I stare at clutches a lot dreaming of the day I don't need to carry half my house with me.)