Today, i did a random act of kindness (the spread little acts of kindness thread)..

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  1. I just witnessed a RAOK that I thought was great. It was rush hour traffic and a car was stuck on an exit ramp. The poor driver was trying to push the car out of the way. I saw a construction truck in front of me stop and pull over and the guy jumped out of his truck to run over and help the poor guy with the stuck car out. It is hot as Hades here today and I couldn’t help but think to myself how nice it was that this guy did this. He was probably just coming off of work and could have just stayed in his air conditioned truck driving home. Instead he jumped out and helped out a stranger. Warmed my heart.
  2. ^and it was a construction truck. It's so heart warming that this guy who was probably already physically exhausted, was first to come to offer help.. what a great RAOK story!!
  3. Hi RAOK warriors.. I hope everyone is going on inspired and looking for opportunities to do RAOK!

    I was the recipient of a small RAOK today, a really nice act. I was crossing the street on a busy large avenue in NYC. I got caught by the light in the center island, and a car (SUV) that was turning the corner close to me signaled me to go ahead and cross anyway (he stopped) so i did... unfortunately the car turning on the other side was driving a bit fast so as i was crossing i had to quickly stop otherwise i may have gotten hit. This is an innocent error from all parties concerned -- the driver turning was in the right (it was NOT my pedestrian GO) and the driver who gave me way was just being kind.

    In my haste to stop, I jumped back rather quickly and in the process dropped my purse on the street with my things spilling out. I was a bit frazzled as the light had already changed and the other side of the road was already about to move... then the car that stopped to let me cross stopped again (mid-road) and the driver came out to help me pick up my things!! What a very nice human being... he was just thoughtful and mindful of those around him and probably saw I was a bit frazzled. It made my day and i'll never forget this small RAOK!! :smile: I gave him my profound thanks, although we had to move so quickly since we were in the middle of the road!

    For those unaware, NYC does not get a lot of nice drivers or even pedestrians. This was exceptionally nice and heartwarming, particularly in a city where everyone is RUSHING all the time.
  4. HHH,

    This story sounded a bit scary at first, but I’m so glad it all ended well!!!

    I think it’s amazingly kind that this person stopped his car and got out to help you—may he be blessed with empathy and kindness in his daily life as well.

    Wishing you and everyone a happy and safe Labor Day Weekend .
  5. This post brought tears to my eyes. Your son sounds like a wonderful human. Bless you and your family.
  6. ️Thank you for your sweet words.
  7. Something like this happened to me when I was in college. My car ran out of gas and I didn't even realize it until the car stopped. I was scared, so i jumped out of the car to push it after I put in in neutral, not knowing what could happen. The next thing I know is that a man jumped out of his car and helped me push it to the shoulder, then bought and brought a gallon of gas for me. I offered to pay him for the gas, but he refused and just went on his way.
  8. How are the kindest, RAOK warriors in the purse universe? I've been a bit of a recluse lately and been burying myself in books books books and my only social interactions have been my family and my colleagues and a few times, friends for some event get togethers. I miss being very much out and about and finding an opportunity to help a stranger or seeing kindness around me.

    So much sadness and not enough kindness on the daily news, and even on forums online that I visit or just social media, I see a lot of rude and un-kind comments. I sure miss the fuzzy feeling when I see kindness in the most selfless of ways.

    DH and I have a kindness/obligation situation. My FIL is quite sick and is in the hospital these days. My MIL is not used to being alone and is afraid. One of my BIL has been staying with MIL at home for the past month while FIL is in the hospital. They never asked us for help/relief since I'm pregnant (I think that's the reason). But I told my DH that we need to step up and stay at his parents house for the week or so (~45mins commute to/from work) so that BIL can take a break. We also plan to find a long term plan if this situation doesn't change. It's not a big deal and not a real RAOK but I do think it's something kind especially since it's sacrificing ourselves in a way.

    Hope to see more RAOK in the news or have some more inspiring RAOK stories to follow out here
  9. I found this thread last week and I really enjoy all of the positive posts. Wanted to share a RAOK I witnessed today.

    Wasn't having the best day today at work so I went out for lunch to clear my head. After walking the lineup of food trucks, I decided on a cheese steak truck. As I was approaching, the guy inside the truck was waving a sandwich wrapped in foil to someone. He kept waving the sandwich, as to get the intended recipient's attention, so I turned around and saw a man finally come forward. The man looked a little unkempt and disoriented. He was sitting underneath a shaded area of the sidewalk to escape the heat. I believe he was homeless.

    Anyways, the guy in the truck gave him the sandwich and a drink (for free). The man looked happy and went on further down the street. I was next in line so I placed my order and told the guy in the truck I would like to pay for that man's food. The guy in the truck looked at me and smiled. He said don't worry---I could do it next time since they were closing up for the day. I am happy that I was able to witness this RAOK. I came back to my office and feel like all of the bad energy that was around me is fleeting.

    @hephephippo thank you for starting this thread. The past few weeks have not been the best for me and reading all of these posts have really brightened my days. I wish everyone a happy and positive rest of the week. And if you can do something to help someone, please do it.:smile: :flowers:
  10. @ClassicFab what a nice story! The smallest of deeds can make the most difference -- it made a difference to the possibly homeless man receiving the food and to you as a bystander/witness.

    I took the NYC rail this week. I don't usually commute but DH and I have been staying the week with his parents to help out. I am overwhelmed by the commute so many people and so crowded but I also see it as an opportunity to do a RAOK because of the loads of people. Have not done much RAOK yet in the commute but hoping to find an opportunity. Sometimes it makes me realize how sheltered and privileged one can be by sheer lack of exposure.

    I walk by a select bus stop everyday, and i used to see commuters struggling with the machine or have no change for it (machine only accepts exact change in cash and is not a full MetroCard reloading station) so I've been keeping change in my wallet in case someone needs help.

    It has been a good mental and spiritual practice to actively seek out RAOK chances. Changes perspective and feel kindness more around me instead of the negativity.

    Have a continuously blessed week everyone, and more RAOK blessings to spread out :smile:
  11. A tiny tiny RAOK—donated $5 to the pets fund at Petsmart. It’s an easy and cheap and anonymous way to help those (dogs and cats) that can’t help themselves.
  12. Every little bit counts! Our pup is adopted, so we always donate to rescue groups, too.
  13. I guess DH and I have a soft spot for charities for dogs and cats. Our little doggo gives us so much love, and I wish all the homeless doggos and cats can find their forever loving homes too.
  14. This past Sunday, DH and I were getting dog treats and toys for our pupper, and a local shelter was running an adoption in front of Petsmart. There were about 8 dogs—medium and large dogs. We’re not in a position to adopt another dog right now, but we could spread a little joy.

    We asked one of the volunteers if we could buy some toys and treats for the dogs, and she said yes, with a big smile.

    DH and I bought the treats that our very picky eater enjoyed and bought toys of various sizes and functions. When I handed the toys and treats to a shelter volunteer, she thanked us for our kindness. But the best part of the story is one of the dogs came and sniffed the treat bags and wagged his/her tail. DH told me that a few of the other dogs perked up from their boredom when we dropped off the treats and toys.

    I’m in awe and grateful for the shelter volunteers for spending their time to care for these dogs, and I hope the treats and toys will bring joy to the dogs while they’re waiting for their forever homes️.
  15. Awwwhhhhh! This is literally making me cryyyyy!!!! Thank you GL for giving them joy!!!