Today, i did a random act of kindness (the spread little acts of kindness thread)..

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  1. That is awesome! You've just given me some great ideas!
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  2. I was eating at a restaurant at first and even though someone came by to ask what I’d like the drink, soon after another guy came by and asked the same question and essentially took over. The first guy came back after towards the end to ask if I needed anything, and so I said refill. He thought I meant water but it was hot water for my tea.

    The guy who took over came back with the bill.

    I tipped twenty percent (6.9) so my bill wasn’t light. But I also felt bad for the guy who tried...the restaurant is a bit empty (below my hotel) and so I gave that guy $20 (I only had one bill on me and didn’t want to ask for change and I figured, I’m working class too).

    The expression on His face was worth the $20.
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  4. I helped an elderly lady today by picking up some hard to reach product at the supermarket ;)

    We also asked the hospice what is needed as gift for taking good care of my mom, they said they wanted to have food warmer (our family don't like giving cash gifts). My mom would be delighted to hear it as always said the food didn't stay warm enough :biggrin:
  5. This isn't about me doing a RAK-someone gave me a RAK! It is so inspiring, reminds me there are kind people in the world, and that it is always worth sharing kindness with others - especially when you are done with something and know you will make someone's day!! I am so thankful and thinking of ways to pass it on.
  6. I bet the expression was priceless!!!
    I gave some tip when I was picking up a takeout order and the lady who gave me the bag of food was shocked i gave her tip. I couldn't believe that she was surprised. Do people not tip takeout orders at a sit down restaurant?
  7. Not much of a good deed but I was on line at this store and let this woman go ahead of me because she only had one item. It turned out it was an empty change container. She put all her change in this coin machine and gave the cashier her receipt. It was for $139.96. I told her wait a minute I have 4 cents. She said it’s ok. I told her what’s the sense of putting all this change in a machine if you’re going to get change back. :biggrin: Both the woman and the cashier thought it was nice of me. I felt good. :smile:
  8. That was so nice. :heart: Although it was only 4 cents, it was priceless!
  9. I hate getting change that’s almost a dollar’s worth! It feels so much better to have whole dollars....don’t know why, but it totally does. That’s awesome!
  10. It’s pouring down hard this morning. Like I was on the street and the cars go by and because of the water being retained on the streets (sewer system sucks so it’s pouring so hard that the water doesn’t go down right away) it splashes back at you :/

    I took an Uber to school but still have to walk on campus and as I got out of the car (across the street) there was this kid next to me with just a cotton hoodie and nothing else. He glances over and looks and I know he wants to ask if he can duck under but sees my umbrella is small and there isn’t too much room to make a difference.

    TLDR/ I gave my umbrella to him and told him it’s fine because I had on rain boots and a “rain jacket” with a hood (it’s really a nylon jacket which is better then his cotton hoodie 100x in terms of repelling water).

    Also did my company good since it was a company umbrella and he’s now advertising for us :P

    I have been given multiple umbrellas these past few months so I figure pay it forward...

    Just a shame that I didn’t bring more than one with me :/
  11. S W E E T !!!!!!!!!
  12. I loved this!
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