Today, i did a random act of kindness (the spread little acts of kindness thread)..

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  1. Was dropping a family member at the airport and noticed a couple seemingly arguing near the area you get a luggage cart. I figured they didn't know they would have to pay so I went up to them and that was indeed the issue, so I paid for them instead.
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  2. :heart: You might have given them renewed hope in the goodness of others and inspired them to be as generous. Love this!
  3. Talking about carts, I was at Trader Joe's just getting my cart and I saw an elderly lady coming to get hers. So I decided to hand mine to her, and as I was giving my cart to her, she got startled. As she understood that I was handing her the cart she thanked me and smiled.
    This got me thinking that the world we live in today is very cold sometimes, because it seemed like the old lady was not used to someone handing her a cart! Needless to say, I was somewhat sad about the whole situation.
  4. I was randomly browsing and came across this fun little gloss set. IMG_7943.jpg
    Two of my BFFs are moms with toddlers, and I get exhausted just listening to their schedules. Since we all now live in different parts of the country, and I can’t help and babysit so my friends can have some “me” time—I thought little lippies would make a great pick-me-up.

    I’m not sure if this qualifies as a true RAOK since these are my friends and not random strangers. But I thought I’d share anyways since the lippies will be a random surprise package, and also to say that our friends and family sometimes “need” and deserve a “random act of kindness” from us as much as the people at Starbucks, airport, or TJ.

    Happy Monday!!
  5. That is so true! Hey BFF!!!!!
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  6. Love that you did this. I am a huge animal lover and if I could I would volunteer in a shelter. Unfortunately I am one of those highly sensitive people who would be completely emotionally shattered that I couldn’t help them all. Seriously, can’t even watch the commercials for homeless animals. I end up hysterically crying.

    What I like to do is when I go to Petsmart and they have the shelter animals up for adoption I ask one of the employees to ask the volunteers what kind of food they need. (I can’t walk up to them myself, it would kill me seeing all those poor animals sitting there.) I then ask the employee to come with me around the store and I pick up cases of wet and dry food for the animals and pay for them. After I have checked out, I ask the employee to please bring the food over to the volunteers. I try and slip out of the store before they get the donations because I really do just want to help the animals. One time an employee alerted a volunteer about my donation while I was still at the register. They wanted me to come to the back of the store (where the animals were) so they could thank me. I burst into tears and said that I wish there was more that I could do and they were the people who should be thanked. I’m sure the cashier thought I was a nut case but I really just have such a soft spot in my heart for animals that I would want to save them all. The fact that I can’t breaks my heart.
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  7. Not today but this week, I helped a coworker with particularly difficult situations and she thanked me with a chocolate chip dipped cookie (my fav) but I was still munching on the one another coworker gave me the evening before so when I went to night class that day I gave it to my study partner whose still a kid compared to me...full time student and not working.
  8. :heart:
  9. A lovely feeling to help someone in need & to share
  10. I love this thread. It's my fav in all of tpf ! It reminds me to try to be compassionate and less self centered! I need that reminder because I admit that I'm a narcissist. ( I'm working on that)
    Today I'll try to find a way to do a RAOK!
  11. i left rest of the money in the shop, maybe it is really a little act of kindnes or i am just stupid :biggrin:
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  12. Once every other month, I take advantage of the special deals at my local grocery store, buy $120 in items and drop them off at the local foodbank. The last time I made a food run I ended up donating more than 60 boxes of breakfast cereal. I'll try to get in one more donation before the end of the year.
    It's a way to express how thankful I am for my life, and I've found that it temporarily satisfies my urge to shop. LOL.
  13. My best friend is the type that find unique ways to donate. I have helped her with quite a few projects through the years when we lived in the same state. Individual beauty bags for the women’s shelter with extra products that pamper versus serving a need. The women’s shelters are really a place of need. Many women have nothing when they go there for help. Always ongoing collections of towels and blankets for the pet shelter. The homeless shelter has a number one request for socks and underwear.

    Another overlooked place is old people’s rehibilation centers where some people stay for months and sad to say some do not have family and friends who visit often, Magazines and board games are always welcome there. My friend made a connection with some local florists in her town and she picks up flowers that they can’t sell but still look lovely and makes arrangements and brings it to the center so the workers and residents can enjoy fresh flowers.

    I have tried to continue with some of her projects. It is nice when you can spread the word to friends and they then spread the word through social media which in the end actually keeps the donations coming in year round.

    So many things can make a difference if people go out and ask or try. This same friend also started going around to her local big garden centers and asked if she can have plants they couldn’t sell and brought them back to life and then drops them off at a local retirement community for the residents to use inside or in a outdoor garden area. At one time she had about 50 + rose bushes in her yard and we spend many hours making rose bouquets to donate when the roses were in bloom. Picked up cheap crystal glasses and stuff from thrift stores for well under a $1.00 to put them in and some stores even gave them at no cost after hearing what they were being used for.
  14. Forgot to add today I am baking cookies for my dear friends. They all are too busy to bake desserts for the holidays.
  15. I was running into Costco with all 3 kiddos, when my youngest DD said, "Hey, Mommy...stop!" I stopped and turned around, thinking she needed to tie her shoe or something. She had seen an elderly couple (one with a walker) struggling to load a big Costco cart of stuff into their car. She asked if we could stop to help, so we formed a human chain and had it unloaded in a couple of minutes, and put in their car. Such a super simple thing, but I was proud of her for noticing...because I didn't even see it! The older gentleman told my kids that things like that helped him have faith in a new generation, which was one of sweetest things I've heard all a little teary-eyed. :heart: