Today, i did a random act of kindness (the spread little acts of kindness thread)..

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  1. I am starting a thread to share small/easy random acts of kindness we have done in our daily lives.

    The goal is to inspire others to do good without any expectation of return.

    We all love feel good stories and putting them in one place, seeing how easy it is to do something good for someone, could inspire others to do the same. We all know what they say -- a little act of kindness goes a long way.

    All of us are blessed to have a luxury hobby and time to go on TPF so we all have room to do little and random acts of kindness. :smile:

    I will start with my latest act of kindness, I am also tagging @frick&frack (apologies if this is not allowed, I am happy to remove and edit my post) to get the ball rolling.. I will start!

    Here's to hoping more TPFers join in on this !
  2. Today (well yesterday), I offered the new girl at work to lunch dates -- she had no friends and moved internationally. I wanted to make her feel welcome and help her acclimate.

    Also received a message on Facebook - plea for financial help - I don't know the girl personally she just worked as a temp in my office a long long time ago. She sounded desperate and struggling to reach out to strangers. I don't know if her problem was real but I gave her $100 to help. She was trying to loan money but I said no, consider it a donation, and offered a prayer for her situation.
  3. I know posting this stuff is popular.
    But I consider random acts of kindness as done for NO reward.
    ONLY to give & be selfless.

    Telling anyone negates the acts, imo.
    Because then I am seeking praise or recognition. As reward.
    And lose the selfless giving aspect.

    Still, whatever encourages people to do nice stuff is good.:tup:
  4. :idea:
    That is a good point, however the intention of the thread was not to receive praise (maybe i should put that in my original post!) but to encourage others to do the same.. or for others to find simple things they can do as a kind act that are seemingly so easy :idea:

    i know some forum members have their IG handles and are public about their personas but i think for the most part people are anonymous. I for one (at least i think) am not identifiable by my real life friends if they go here hehe.. but yes to the point, more good deeds spread is always a good idea! :flowers:
  5. Yes. Publicly trumpeting your act of charity is rather different from "no expectation of return." You dose yourself that cookie.
  6. ^you guys i think we are missing the point here unless it's my language that is off! i was simply trying to spread goodness... inspire random acts of kindness. honestly now i feel like this has defeated the purpose.. if i see someone posted "i walked an old lady across the street" then i just think someone else could see that and think oh hey i can do that too ... being kind is such a small act that needs no external validation but i was just trying to see if we do it everyday, our little acts can make a positive small impact even in the littlest of circles we touch on an everyday basis... it takes one small act..

    but then here i feel like instead of seeing the good, the bad was what was first seen.. that was not even the point or purpose.. sigh.
  7. Not missing your point at all. It's just that there are various ways and cultural traditions of performing kindnesses, and some are not accompanied with publicizing them. Deliberately so.

    Carry on, I'll see myself out.:smile:
  8. The way you brought this up might sound like humble bragging to someone thought you have good intention and didnt mean it.

    If I am doing charity work, I donate my time and effort but not money because it is so easy to misuse money.
  9. I don't think it's publicizing here since I have no idea who @hephephippo is. I think she is sharing what she did so that others could be inspired by the shared story. I for one am totally inspired.
    My tiny random act today before I read this thread was that when I was at the eye doctor's office, I kept my mouth shut of the peace of mind I wanted to give to someone who was extra slow for no good reason. I usually speak my mind but I kept my mouth shut. Does this count?
    But after reading @hephephippo's post, I am inspired to turn it up a notch next time.
  10. Please return to the purpose of this thread. Sharing acts of kindness.
    If you do not wish to participate, feel free to move on.
  11. Could we also share random acts we've observed or of which we were beneficiaries?
  12. OP, I think this thread is a great idea!! I’m following and hoping to learn of/from other people’s examples so that I may emulate.

    I found the entry on wiki enlightening—here’s the link:

    I will share with you my favorite story of random kindness, which ends up really benefiting me.

    When I first started dating DH, he had a yellow sticky note next to his computer screen with 3 items. I think 2 of them involved career goals, but I really don’t remember. The one that made an impression was, “Do something nice for someone everyday.”

    After reading that short sentence, I said to myself, this is the kind (pun intended) of man that I want to marry.

    Many years later, despite both of our human flaws and shortcomings, we still strive to practice kindness daily—towards each other and those that are near us.
  13. Thanks for sharing! Im gonna put a sticky note for all the members to see in a central location of the house!
  14. Hello again, I'm really confused by some of the posts here.. maybe it was my language but i did not ask for "the person below me please praise me" GEEZ..

    On-topic i really really like the idea of sharing ALL acts of kindness whether we've seen it done by others around us, or something we did ourselves. The reason i had in mind something we did ourselves is because i was wondering how i can hold myself accountable to do ONE GOOD DEED a day to someone who may or may not need it, to pass on POSITIVE feelings. I was actually a bit sad that this thread had some negativity in it already.. one thing I was trying to practice in my life all week was SEEING THE GOOD IN OTHERS, IN EVERYONE instead of the bad. Could we please go back to topic and INSPIRE OTHERS. SPREAD POSITIVE AND GOOD VIBES ONLY?

    As someone suggested (Great idea) -- we can post ANYTHING, not necessarily what we've done.. but things we've seen that day -- point is to PASS IT FORWARD and if all of TPF spreads some cheer and good deeds and perhaps it will really make an impact in our daily lives!

    i could no longer edit my original post but if i could i would re-state this.. so the best i can do is write in emphasis that ALL ACTS OF KINDNESS are WELCOME to be shared here : ) Perhaps an ADMIN can help modify the original post just to organize the thread better?
  15. I agree - I understand how it could be perceived as humble bragging, but I also think we can all do a better job of not assuming ill-intention, especially when the intention is pretty clearly to inspire. My two cents...