Today I carried... (fill in the blank with your PS)

  1. I loveee this color, what do u think of this color in a large size? I'm planning to get my hands on one.
  2. My patent PS1 in medium :love: it has turned out to be one of my most carried PS1:s :nuts:

  3. Elliespurse - how is the patent leather wearing? Any crinkles or wrinkles?
  4. I can't see any wear at all, it still looks as good as new. It's a bit more structured than the non-patent leather. The wrinkles you see in the pic above are still there after a year tough.
  5. My medium ps1 purple rain :smile:
  6. I remember when you revealed this. Its still looks so gorgeous!
  7. I'm carrying last years fall bag blanket PS1 medium :cool: it still works.
  8. :pMedium Black PS1
  9. It's such a lovely bag - perfect for Fall!!!
  10. It is perfect for Fall!!
  11. ehemelay and Jayne1 - Thanks, I'm carrying the same today :sneaky:
  12. PS1 Medium in black... just like I have done the last 365 days :biggrin:

    (well the picture is not from today but was wearing the same outfit so who cares ;))

    AND Elliespurse, your bag is so adorable!! I was looking for that one too but never got my hands on it and now it's too late :sad:
  13. Love the blanket bag
  14. Michael Kors Astor bag, its my default go to.
  15. Love this picture. You look very cool and so does your bag. And I can totally understand your love for your black medium PS1. I recently got mine and have been carrying it non stop, just about. :smile: