Today I carried... (fill in the blank with your PS)

  1. Ellie- I knew you wouldn't be able to put away the patent medium once you carried it! Rain or shine, that's an amazing bag.

    I've been wearing my maize medium ps1 (as usual), BUT... decided to mix things up by tying the knot on the long strap and carrying it on the shoulder that way. Love this bag...
  2. ^riry, I can't put it away just yet :heart: the medium size is great too.

    I'm usually carrying with the knot, I like it but there are not many pics with the PS1 carried this way.
  3. Elliespurse, I want to see a picture of the sun gleaming off that beautiful bag! :sunshine:
  4. Micole :biggrin: it turned out to be 30C/86F today so I switched to Kelly Green Pouch now :smile:
  5. My Black Large Keep All!!

    I've been using it for over a week now and the leather gets softer every day, just like my PS1s.
  6. Today it's 13C/55F rainy and I'm back to carrying patent PS1 :love:
  7. Say goodbye to seasonal depression!
  8. ^:biggrin: I expect the weather to even out soon though and I'll be carrying the Kelly Green Pouch more for casual summer days :girlsigh:
  9. It looks like I'll be carrying Kelly Green Pouch for a few days now :sunshine:
  10. I'm carrying medium patent PS1 now in the rain [​IMG]

  11. I'm still carrying the patent PS1.. it's been raining on and off and the patent is totally worry-free :smile:
  12. Today I'm carrying my feldspar PS1. Love this bag! She's sitting in my little chair in my office that's strictly for my bags! :p

  13. LOL I love that you have a bag chair! I have a bag chest it used to be my moms sewing chest, and it's just the right size for my bags so that's where they rest when they are not in use.
  14. I just now carried medium blanket to the grocery store :love:

  15. My Tangerine Med PS1 :love: