Today I carried... (fill in the blank with your PS)

  1. Happy birthday, Micole!!! Enjoy your special day!
  2. Thank you so much batgirl! I really did!!:smile:
  3. Today I will carry for the very first time my Large Satchel Smoke. Will bring to church during our Easter Sunday Mass for thanksgiving and many more PS blessings! :smile:
  4. .....
  5. today i carried my one and only PS - medium midnight! i got it last week and have carried it everyday but today i attached a (fake) foxtail to it. it's sort of a ridiculous look but i kind of love it.
  6. I've carried large smoke PS1 all week :heart:
  7. Maize Medium PS1 for the past several days!
  8. Midnight medium ps1, with the cross body strap that was made for it.
  9. I'll carry large smoke PS1 this week too :heart:
  10. I'm assuming with your kelly green continental wallet tucked inside?;)
    As usual, I'll be sporting my large midnight KA!
  11. ^Of course, I don't let the kelly green out of sight :love:
  12. Today I'm carrying my new Smoke Medium PS1 for the first time! Will post pics of it later this week.
  13. Kelly Green Pouch today :love:
  14. I'm carrying patent PS1 for a few days :heart: it was supposed to be cold and rainy... oh well I can't put this bag down :smile:
  15. ooooooo!!!!