Today I carried...(fill in the blank with your LV)

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  1. This thread is to post pics and list things that you carried in your Louis Vuitton today. I would start but can't find my digital camera. :blink:
  2. Blue denim Baggy PM

    LV monogram PTI, MC agenda, Makeup case (filled with small items) digi cam, and cell phone.

  3. Today I had my mum's white MC Speedy, sorry no pics.
    - Razr cellphone
    - White MC PTI
    - Pochette accesories
    - Ipod
    - small notebook
    - White MC agenda
    My digital cam is in Japan with my sister.:biggrin::flowers:
  4. Oh gosh! I :heart: these threads. Here my garb:biggrin:
    DSC03595.JPG DSC03600.JPG
  5. Phone, wallet, car keys, cigs, LOTS of mail:lol:, work papers, etc.
  6. Smoking kills, I know my second name is Debbie downer lol, love your bags girls!
  7. :shame: I know!!! I promise to quit very soon!!!:yes:
  8. irene, ill be right there behind you supporting you on your quest to quit smoking :smile:
  9. I carried my Speedy 25 with:
    • Red Vernis FP
    • Cherry Mini Mono Anne-Sophie
    • Sony Cybershot DSC-T7 Camara
    • Treo 650 Smart Phone
    • Black Ipod Nano
    • Hermes H Enamel Bracelet (which I just picked up from the store!)
    • Chanel Loose Powder & Blush
    • Hermes Caleche Lotion
    • Comb
    • Medication
    (Who says the Speedy doesn't hold much ;) )
  10. i totally forgot, if i don't have a picture i can just list. silly me
    - monogram speedy 30 (this bag holds a lot)
    - monogram porte tresor wallet
    - monogram cartes simple (for the credit cards)
    - monogram cles (for louse change)
    - ipod
    - digital camera (never leave the house without it)
    - carmex
    - keys
    - and pochette full of makeup
  11. Horrible pics because it's night here, but...



    Ambre Mat Sm Agenda
    Calligraphy brush
    Calligraphy ink stone (I had Japanese calligraphy class today)
    B&BodyWorks Cherry Blossom Lotion
    Wapity (id/ccs/lipgloss)
    Copic fine tip drawing pen
    MJ :heart: Mirror
    Chanel Pressed Powder
    Orange perf plat (pens,recipets, chapstick)
  12. JoJo,

    Wow! You can fit all that stuff in a 25?!? I'm impressed :yes:
  13. Speedy 25 went to work with:

    Wallet (black leather Prada, yeah!)
    lip balm
    lipstick and gloss
    t-shirt in the bottom to help prevent the sag :P
    nothing too exciting I'm afraid!
  14. hey jojo, what do you put in your anne-sophie??
  15. Let's see...

    - the latest issue of Us weekly
    - french wallet
    - pochette cosmetique containing, 4 lipglasses, a mini sewing kit, advil, wet ones, gum and a lip liner.
    - laura mercier compact
    - keys
    - digital camera
    - a book ( the devil in the white city)
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