Today I carried...(fill in the blank with your LV) PART 3!!

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  1. epi speedy noir 25
  2. speedy 35 ebene
  3. Today I'm wearing my speedy 30 azur with additional longstrap :smile:
  4. damier ebene neverfull mm
  5. Mono eva
  6. Yesterday: Damier Chelsea Centenaire
    Today: Neo Cabby GM (black)
  7. Bh
  8. :happydance: Speedy 35/Ebene :happydance:
  9. saleya pm
  10. Today I carried (& threw around :nogood:) my Saleya in Damier ebene MM
  11. my damier speedy 30:heart:
  12. damier ebene neverfull mm
  13. ....amarante bellevue PM
  14. Saleya mm
  15. Speedy Azur 30