Today I carried...(fill in the blank with your LV) PART 3!!

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  1. Still carrying my Bloomsbury with DE ZCP & Amarante Vernis Cles. Will probably only change my SLGs for a while as I'm loving my new Bloomsbury.
  2. Manhattan GM
  3. Mono Galliera
  4. DE Neverfull MM
  5. I carried my mono Speedy 25.
  6. DE Speedy 35!
  7. Large bucket in mono
  8. noe
  9. Wilsihre Blvd in Rose Pop
  10. Shopping day so I carried DE NF MM:tender:
  11. Mono Speedy 30!
  12. Mono Speedy 35

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  13. Speedy azur 30
  14. Idylle Speedy in Fusain
  15. Neige artsy