Today I Became More CHARMing

  1. I don't know how many more first I can have haha ... but I got my first Coach charm today! I still want the Star charm...but the SA said this was the last Leo charm in the store so...since I'm a LEO...I bought it....and she wrapped it up in the cutest box...
    leo3.jpg leo1.jpg
  2. CHARMing it is. Congrats on your first new charm!
  3. I adore all things astrological and zodiac. Congrats on picking such a cute charm! I carry one for my sign, and then one for my mom's sign too since we don't live close to each other anymore.
  4. Congrats on your new charm! It's so cute. I want my astrological charm too someday....enjoy yours. :smile:
  5. Lovely charm! Congrats.
  6. Aw, it's so cute! And so nicely wrapped!
  7. VOODOO, extremely CHARMing, darling!.....LOL...I am getting my FIRST charm this week too! Well, its really a keyfob but I'm going to use it as a charm. Its due to arrive from JAX on Tuesday. I bought the skull/bones! So not me! I'm usually the pink/barbie type girl so I'm really showing a dark side with this one! LOL
  8. Thanks all!.....I have it on my black Carly Demi and I actually got a comment on the charm at the Post Office hahaha
  9. congrats! i hope you enjoy it!! i need to go and buy myself a new one myself...
  10. cute charm, i need one of those too...
  11. congrats!! its adorable!
  12. Congrats! I'm a Leo too. YAY!
  13. Thats really cute, congrats:smile:
  14. Oh, I love the charm! I bought mine--Libra--and I love it! Congrats!