Today I am going to LV on 5th Ave..

  1. I work really close by. So I have never been to this one. Are the SA snotty. I have never met a snotty SA at LV, but I do hear they exist. Anyways, I need help deciding. After much consideration I am passing on the Damier Azur speedy. Only b/c I am not too crazy about it. I just sold my mono sppedy 25 and want to get the 30. Here is where I need help deciding. Do I get the mono or do I get the mini lin ebene? I just bought the BH so I was wondering if maybe to switch it up and get the mini lin. And btw which is bigger the mini lin or the mono. Thanks for all your help. I love this place!!:heart:
  2. I just got the BH as well on Sunday, and it's such a terrific versatile bag. Perhaps get the mini lin in ebene so at least you have one in each print?
  3. Yeah that is what I was thinking. I have the petit bucket in mono too. So I think I will get the mini lin. And maybe eventually get the speedy mono again.
  4. I hope you have fun and post lotsa pics when you return! :biggrin:
  5. keep us posted on what you got :smile:

    go for one in each print thats what im aiming for!!!

  6. Hi.. I believe we are all LV lovers, not just shopaholics :graucho: Good luck on finding your new love. :yes:
  7. Have fun shopping at LV! Take your time to browse :smile: Who knows, you might fall in love with something totally different!
  8. I say go with the Mini Lin. I just bought one and I am waiting for it to be delivered on Friday.:yahoo: I am just like you, I decided to go with the Mini Lin Speedy since I have the BH and I also just bought a Mono Mini Looping and I also have a Damier Marais. So, I thought the Mini Lin would be perfect.
  9. I would say mini lin since you already have mono bh, what about damier ebene? Either way, enjoy ur stay @ LV! :yes:
  10. Pics when you return!
  11. I would get the Mini Lin since you already have a Mono BH.
  12. Since you have the petite bucket (LOVE!), the mini lin would be a nice addition.
    Go with an open mind and see what grabs you!
    We want details when you return!
  13. mini lin would be great!
  14. Don't worry about snotty SA.
    Do what I do.
    Just kill them with kindness. Let them be snotty just b/c they work at a high end store, you're the one buying them :smile:.
    However, I will say of all the LV boutiques I've been too, they have all been very very nice, except for 1 french lady hahahaha.
    OR....if they are snotty, just don't buy from them, just ignore them for a bit and go to another SA. :smile:
  15. I would get the mono, I am not a huge fan of the mini lin. I have a mono speedy 30 and will be purchasing the BH when I go home on Mon. You can never have too much mono, esp in two completely diff bags.