Today DH said to me...

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  1. This morning DH and were talking about what to do today. He said, "Maybe we can go to the Mall of America and visit your purses." I said "what purses?" He said "all the ones you haven't taken home yet. Maybe you can adopt one today." Ha ha! So funny. I ended up not getting anything though. There wasn't really anything that caught my eye. There were a few things at Coach I liked, but I decided to wait until the next PCE.
  2. What a sweetheart... :tup:
  3. ^^ REALLY!!!! My DH is ready to shove all MY purses up my a$$ let alone get another one lol!!!!
  4. ^^

    LOL, too funny!!

    Kmarie724, it sounds like the hubby just gave you permission to look for a new handbag. I'd take advantage of it :smile:
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. What a great hubby you have
  7. So cute!!! I love to see posts like this.
  8. That is so adorable! I wish my BF would say sweet things like that to me! He doesn't understand my purse obsession, but I don't understand his obsession with his car. :P
  9. soo cute. i love the nordstrom in the mall of america, it is amazing!
  10. Mine doesn't understand the obsession either - but I think he's thankful that I have purse fever instead of baby fever right now!!
  11. HAHAHA! Love it! Seriously! I had to laugh when I read that! :smile: :smile: :smile:
  12. What a wonderful DH! Too bad you didn't find anything...I hope you find you next new baby soon :graucho:
  13. ROFLMAO, only b/c I can relate....

    kmarie724 - sounds like your DH is great, time to SHOP!!
  14. Your DH is so sweet. Mine is the same, he always says if you want it just get it why think about it so much, its just $$
  15. LOL! Your DH and my DH feel the same way.