Today bought a Bouton D'or Messenger Bag!!!!

:yahoo:Well, I have totally lost it because day before yesterday I got the
08 Lt. Magenta Fleur and it is just beautiful and today, I went back and got the Bouton D'or Messenger and it is drop-dead gorgeous too!! I am so addicted to these bags. I just hope I don't see anymore for awhile and since I don't think I want any of the fall/winter colors, I may be able to resist!!

Just wanted to share my good, happy news with all of you enablers!! Lol!


balenciaga :)
Dec 21, 2007
I've never seen the Messenger in a yellow before! :nuts: It's such a great summer color, will you be posting pictures?

Congrats and enjoy!!
I will be happy to post pics but it will be tomorrow before I can take them and tomorrow evening before I can post them. I will tell you that it took my breath away when I saw it and I knew I had to have it. Same with the Magenta Fleur! They are both WOW bags to me and I am now on a serious ban!! Remember I said that hehe! :hysteric:


My Dream Ring!
Nov 6, 2007
Hong Kong
Oh my!! I can almost picture it now! Bouton D'or would look soo cute as a messenger style!! I am so envious!!! Congrats, dear!! Can't wait for your pics!!


Mar 3, 2007
looking forward to pictures! it's awesome that you are comfortable with wearing the fleur and the bouton! seriously :smile: the best thing about bal is all the different colors and sometimes i feel like i need to better incorporate my colored bbags into my life!! i'm still trying to figure out how to wear my bg 08 city!
Thanks all of you!! I have searched for a yellow bag (of any brand) for several years and haven't come up with one until now. I have just recently bought the Bouton D'or City and I don't think I need two, but don't think I can return it either! Am I sick or what!!!??!

I will try to "get it together" and take pics later today and hopefully, post them tonight.