Today at Saks

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  1. As hard as it might be to believe, guess what I saw at Saks on 5th Avenue this morning? A black Paddington, three Spys and four Silverados! Something tells me some SA is going to have a very good day today!

    I was, once again, tempted by the Marc Jacobs Adina. Turns out, the two little front pockets have real buckles, not a slide lock or a magnet under them. Not too practical. Seems I'd have them unbuckled all the time. [Can you tell that I'm trying to keep talking myself out of that bag?!]
  2. Yes I can tell:toung:
    I think you got some hard work there girlfriend:nuts:
  3. haha wow nice! I wish that happened @ NM (since we don't have Saks here). The best thats ever happened is that I got on the paddy wait list there haha, well in terms of finding/seeing hard to find bags. I swear the Japanese tourists buy everything before the locals can get to it!!!

    I like the Adina too, but share your view of the buckles, didn't know they had them until you posted, thanks! Now I dont have to think about buying one lol.
  4. you know u want it go get it :smile:
  5. To be honest, tho' I have two, I was most tempted by the Paddington. Who in their right minds sees a Paddington sitting on a store shelf and doesn't buy it?! I could sell it on eBay in 10 seconds! Or send it to Hawaii for Noriko!

    I placated myself at Saks with a shearling Burberry scarf and a pair of haircalf boots. I'm not lacking for treats!
  6. hehe ooo yay!!!:lol: What color were the spy bags btw?

    I also wondered if you ever had problems with the lock and key on the paddingtons you have. Some of the girls over at fashionspot were saying that after a few times using it, it chipped (the key) :amazed: I really hope that doesn't happen to mine when I get it. That would be horrible!:evil:
  7. You have to be careful with the padlock and key....

    I wish I were going to NYC soon... I want a Silverado!!!:love:
  8. The Spys were the peanut butter, a black and the white mink. I think the black one sold while I was standing there.

    I've never had a problem with my key and lock. I don't use the lock that often. I have it locked on the bag in a way that I can get into the bag without disturbing the lock. How secure does my iPod and sunglasses need to be anyway?!
  9. there were two python silverados (one blue and one brown) out at the saks in atlanta a few days ago
  10. haha yes thats true :biggrin: I love the white mink! There were quite a few of the minks in the boutique last time I was there. Awesome stuff! I can't wait to see whats at the private Fendi party on Sunday:idea: :love:

    They'll also be auctioning off a bag being painted by a famous local artist, I soooo need to leave my CC at home that day!:nuts:
  11. Noriko, please let us know what you see at the Fendi private party this weekend!!! :nuts:
  12. ooo I will! I'll be taking all kinds of pics. They are doing up the entire store for this party. They are going to make the inside like a Roman garden and bring in all kinds of rare fur pieces. I can't wait! One of the designers is supposed to be there as well. Its a pretty big event since its brings Hawaii's fashion week to a close. I'm also invited to the Dior private party so I'll try to take pics there as well. I sooo need to clear my memory sticks!!! :biggrin: